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Running at the crack of dawn

Well, not the crack of dawn exactly, but when I stepped out of my building at 7:15am this morning, it was still very dark. And it felt a lot earlier.

Winter running definitely has its drawbacks.

I did my usual 5k route, out to Wapping and back, but was slowed down by my need to watch the path more carefully – for potholes and dog shit – and avoid the apparently suicidal cyclists who race along the Thames path in the dark without any lights.

I know who’d come off worse if I collided with one, so I took it much easier when turning corners and crossing streets.

Thankfully, I avoided all obstacles in my path and didn’t shout at a single passing camouflaged cyclist. A win for me.

Yes, it was a lot slower than recent runs on the same route, but I’m just glad I got out and did it. And after only a single coffee! The post-run buzz was strong, even going so far as to snap a selfie to demonstrate my smile and just how beautifully the sweat was glistening on my dome.

A slight over-run to my first meeting in Canary Wharf made it impossible to still walk to the office and get to the second meeting on time, so I’m glad I started the day on an energetic note. As it turns out, my second meeting was cancelled as the other person forgot to put it in their diary. 🙄

So now I’m taking a few moments to write this, while sipping from a giant plastic bottle of Huel. Well, Huel, water and two bananas to be precise. I know I sound like a fan-boy when it comes to Huel, but I really think it’s great.

I recently bought a box of the new ready-made bottles and finally had the opportunity to have one yesterday evening. I was walking to the theatre and wouldn’t have time for dinner, so chugged one down on the way. Don’t worry, I’d had a very nice (and healthy) lunch of poached salmon earlier in the day. The evening Huel was pure convenience.

It tastes great and, while the consistency is thicker than I usually make it, it’s definitely drinkable. I was left feeling full all the way through the performance of ‘Kinky Boots‘ (which was fab) with no temptation to buy any snacks. Or dive into any fast food retailers on our walk from the theatre to the tube station afterwards.

Go me.

Now it’s time to get back to work and clear my todo list before spending the next three days at a psychology conference in Chester. I’m packing some bottles of Huel so I’m not tempted by unhealthy breakfasts or buffets, as well as my gym and swimming gear – I gather this hotel has a nice spa and gym.

Another way to avoid the bar at what is usually a quite alcohol-lubricated event each year!

(Photo by Kym on Unsplash)

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