If it’s not one thing…

I enjoyed another run by the river this morning. Unfortunately, I’m left with quite a bit of pain in my right foot. I’ve had it after each run this week, but it’s steadily getting worse when I run.

A bit of googling leaves me with the impression that it’s plantar fasciitis, which isn’t great news. I’ll need to get it checked out by a professional, as self-diagnosis using Dr. Google is rarely a good idea.

Guess I’ve left it too long to get new running shoes! I dread to think how long I’ve had them and they just weren’t giving my foot the support it needed.

I’m resting up now (after some significant household decluttering this morning) and doing some stretches I found online. No running for the next couple of days – I’ll see how it goes before our trip to the Netherlands on Sunday.

This really isn’t what I wanted to experience right now. Running is both a) great for dealing with stress and pressure and b) my way of attempting to combat the festive over-consumption.

Ho hum. Time to invest in some new trainers for 2019.

Still, @TheFrankFlyer is busy listing a ton of belongings I no longer need / want on eBay, so the proceeds should go some way to paying for the shoes.

2 comments on “If it’s not one thing…

  1. ethnicolor

    I can identify with the plantar fasciitis – the chef had same for 2 miserable years. Masses of treatment and physio later, daily exercise with a golf ball under the foot is the only thing that keeps it away.


    • Thanks! I’ve been doing exercises and got some new trainers (which I think were the root of the problem) and so far, I’m pain free. Think I caught it just in time.


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