A very chilled out Christmas

For the first time in years, I spent Christmas in London – just @TheFrankFlyer and I, enjoying some relative peace and quiet and not having to navigate one of London’s busy airports.

It was a very pleasant change.

We enjoyed a low-key Christmas eve, starting with some exercise, going for a late lunch at our local Big Easy, followed by a food coma nap on the couch, followed by an evening in front of the TV. The Big Easy represented our third attempt to get into a Canary Wharf restaurant for some lunch and the standard of service was just so poor – including being chased to the door by a waiter accusing us of not paying – that it’ll be quite a while before I go back there.

The TV schedule was so dismal, we relied on Netflix for a non-stop slew of stand-up comedy. Infinitely better than watching the drivel beamed out by British TV channels at this time of year. I enjoyed some of my recent acquisition of craft beers and sloped off to bed a little before midnight.

Christmas Day started with a (shorter) run around the neighbourhood. I was determined to get out for the run to get some fresh air and do something to counter the inevitable onslaught of calories by body would have to deal with. I know that 5km wasn’t going to do anything meaningful, but it was better than nothing! Also, and I’m not sure why, it was one of my fastest 5km runs this year!

We then had a lovely brunch, exchanged gifts, spent a few hours of lazing about and then a traditional turkey dinner, prepared by yours truly.

Key learning points from Christmas Day were that turkeys always take longer to cook than advertised and champagne mixed with blood orange juice represents an excellent way of enjoying breakfast while also getting some of your five-a-day.

If you were celebrating, I hope you enjoyed yourself and have fully recovered by now. I’m not working today or tomorrow (the benefits of being one’s own boss) though I am going to do a little admin and reading from home.

We fly to the Netherlands to see @TheFrankFlyer’s family on Sunday, returning on January 1st – when it will all start again.

2 comments on “A very chilled out Christmas

  1. RedEaredRabbit

    Sometimes the quiet ones are the best ones. Merry Christmas!


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