Pre-Christmas limbo

The thing about Christmas landing on a Tuesday is that you get a whole weekend in advance to slip into holiday mode. By which I mean eat and drink far too much, but blame it all on the holidays.

We kicked off yesterday afternoon when we visited a friend’s ‘open house’ for a few hours. Cue too many mince pies and delicious red wine, along with lots of great conversation and a metric ton of Biryani. Not what most people consider traditional Christmas food, but they’d ordered it in from caterers and were determined to share.

The red wine was a nice accompaniment, but the mince pies and cocktail sausages were better. We laughed a lot, smiled a lot and I even got to enjoy the company of their cat – a very, very old Tom with a personality to match.

We bussed it there and back, as they’re quite close to us as the crow flies. We got dropped off on the periphery of Canary Wharf and found the most lovely light show had been set up on Westferry Circus. A few fuzzy pics below:

Waking up this morning, I had no idea what day of the week it was – a common affliction at this time of the year. We have absolutely no plans today, except to take receipt of our Christmas food order from the lovely people at Waitrose (and inevitably bemoan the missing items and make a stressful trip to our local supermarket to replace said missing items) and call family.

I’m sending my sister and her husband to New York for her 40th birthday. Don’t worry, I bought return tickets – I’m not cruel. So we’re having a ‘briefing call’ later today to talk them through practicalities as they’ve never been before. As it’s been over five years since my last visit, I’m sure my advice will be out of date, but better than nothing.

Our own plans for Christmas day this year are incredibly chilled. After some early morning exercise (@TheFrankFlyer at the gym, me going out for a gentle run), we’ll have brunch at home and exchange gifts. Then, depending on the weather, a walk by the river and some drinks. After that, it’s turkey-until-death, a snooze on the couch and making a dent in the chocolate mountain that has accumulated since early December.

The whole thing (except with the gifts) will be repeated on the 26th. I’m taking the whole week off work and I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep, reading lots and maybe going to the cinema a couple of times while @TheFrankFlyer is in the office.

A proper break from work. Before 2019 kicks off and we’re all back on the hamster wheel.

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