Full stop and a comma

I only worked for half a day yesterday, leaving my office a little after midday. I actually had one morning meeting cancelled due to train problems and I cancelled the afternoon one as my lack of sleep in Dublin was catching up with me.

Later that afternoon, I thought I’d lie back on the couch and close my eyes while listening to a podcast. Ninety minutes, later, I was woken from the deepest of sleeps by a phone call from my mum. I felt dreadful – more than the usual waking up suddenly from sleep – but soldiered on and went out for dinner with some friends last night.

I’m very glad we kept it local – we went to The Ivy, a new addition to the Canary Wharf restaurant scene – as I felt awful as soon as we sat down. I thought it might have been the walk over in the cold, but as the meal progressed, I felt like someone had poured anti-freeze down my spine.

I couldn’t warm up. And then my hands started shaking

Even though I wanted some, I turned down the offer of dessert so we could leave the restaurant and head home. The walk back to our apartment consisted of my shivering so much my back and shoulders began to hurt.

I ended up putting on clothes to go to bed – you know I’m sick when I’m not stripping off as soon as I get in the door – grabbing my pyjamas from my last Qatar Airways flight. Despite the heating, my PJs and the duvet, I just couldn’t get warm.

I took some Niquil and a large hot whiskey and burrowed under my duvet. I tried to watch some TV but fell asleep within minutes of finishing my drink. Basically, I spent last night sweating it off. Whatever ‘it’ was. I woke up naturally this morning, feeling absolutely perfect. But at 10pm last night, I would have signed a court statement outlining the many forms of fatal flu that had burrowed their way into my body.

I’m so relieved to be feeling well again. I know now I probably picked something up in Dublin and my flu shot prevented it from taking hold. It didn’t stop the sudden shutdown of my brain or the cold sweats, but you can’t have it all.

I’m now enjoying the view out over a vaguely sunny Canary Wharf, sipping my breakfast coffee and planning the remainder of the day. We have a visit planned to some friends who have a Christmas ‘open house’ every year. I’m looking forward to some mulled wine and mince pies!

And not shivering…

(Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash)

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