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And so it begins…judged by a bot

I woke up this morning to find that the fun police at Tumblr have flagged several of my posts over there for contravening their new rules on porn.

It’s probably worth clarifying for anyone reading my blog for the first time that I don’t maintain a porn blog on Tumblr. I mean, there was, until recently, a veritable bottomless pit of porn over there, so no need to add to it.

Nevertheless, my guilt-ridden mind assumed that Tumblr’s bots had somehow found images that I accidentally shared on line, or don’t remember sharing…or some other implausible but fear-inducing chain of events.

I needn’t have worried. Here are the pics that Tumblr thought contravened their ban on dick-pics and ‘female presenting nipples’:

As you can see, it’s a veritable hotpot of hardcore action. It features: a nasty insect bit I picked up in Osaka a couple of years back, my feet in the bath, a hotel bedroom in Jersey, me standing next to a picture of topless Japanese men in Tokyo, me taking a worrying man-flu selfie in Berlin and a pic of my legs on my bed in a Singapore hotel room.


I just I’m just one of thousands of Tumblr users who’ve had their content flagged wrongly as inappropriate. Though you could argue that the selfie in Berlin is very inappropriate – those nipples are on the verge of being ‘female presenting’ due to the unfortunate man-boobs.

Anyway, it’s all very puritanical and nonsensical, but the bans of my pics made me laugh out loud when I discovered what they were. Henceforth, my Tumblr is going to feature my Instagram pics and the odd re-share of some nice landscapes.

I’m not sure I could deal with any more rejection from the Tumblr bots…

(Photo by Rock’n Roll Monkey on Unsplash)

6 comments on “And so it begins…judged by a bot

  1. Oh brother! The one of the empty bed wins the prize!

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  3. This reminds me of a friend who worked at a library years ago & one of her duties was to ‘sort of’ keep an eye on one monitor that displayed all the screens at once. She said that she simply looked for anything in the range of flesh tone.

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