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Tumblr apocalypse pending

So tomorrow is the big day. When Tumblr decimates its user-base and bans users and blogs for posting images with, among other things, ‘female presenting nipples’.

Cue loud sigh.

As someone who uses Tumblr to aggregate my various posts on social media, I’m not directly impacted by this. Frankly, I haven’t the time to be a porn kingpin, what with my various other responsibilities.

But seriously, the whole community of sex-positive and naturist posters is to be lumped in with the people sharing porn content they’ve stolen, along with those sharing illegal and abusive content. A hammer to crack a nut.

I wonder what Tumblr will look like tomorrow. All I’ve seen for the past fortnight is users sharing a petition asking Tumblr to reconsider. And this is being shared by all kinds of users – some whose posts represent the opposite of what Tumblr is trying to stamp out.

That and announcements from users thanking their followers and explaining they’ll be shutting their blogs tomorrow.

In taking this heavy-handed approach, Tumblr has managed to alienate the very people they were trying to make Tumblr more attractive for.

I’ve lost many otherwise useful minutes of my life trying to explain to a variety of people that nudity does not equal sexual. Putting that aside, there’s nothing inherently wrong with sexual images, as long as you know that’s what you want to see and can find the kind of thing you’re looking for. I’m thinking of Tumblr users who wanted to see the so-called ‘female presenting nipples’. Or the occasional artistic dick pic.

This is the opposite of people who stumble across porn when they weren’t looking for it, and definitely the antithesis of people who receive unwanted images on their phones. There’s nothing funny about unwanted dick pics.

(Honestly. Send me some and I’ll tell you how unfunny I find it.)

I’m talking about consenting adults who are intentionally looking to see something titillating. And there are still one or two of them on the internet if I’m not mistaken.

What’s quite infuriating for me is that a number of the Tumblrs I follow right now share a mixture of images I enjoy: night photography, urban photography, pics of amazing meals, stunning architecture and yes, some photos of attractive people in various states of undress. And that doesn’t even include the blogs that cover topics like naturism. I’m not sure if their content will be there tomorrow.

So let’s see.

Let’s see how Tumblr does or doesn’t implement its massacre of the innocents and let’s see where the well-intentioned users – with tens of thousands of followers – move their blogs.

So far, I haven’t seen one single platform everyone is migrating to. It looks like an exodus of people going in all kinds of directions, including Twitter and WordPress.

A bit of a mess, really.

(Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash)

5 comments on “Tumblr apocalypse pending

  1. Agreed. I have (or had, depending on when you read this) a tumblr site where I posted images of bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) doing everyday non-sexual activities. Delete me, and tumblr loses a user and that affects their bottom-line as to revenue from those who advertise there. Your tumblr apocalypse may very well be the tumblr debacle. Naked hugs!


  2. Hadn’t heard a word about this until reading your post. And indeed, Tumblr has raided my account and only a skeleton remains. A collection of “dangerous photos of people simply being naked.”

    So let me get this straight… Facebook analytics and related social media has completely derailed the American political system, while internet censorship is growing more fixated on the dangers of the female nipple, more so every day.


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