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Taking in the morning sunshine

As soon as I spotted the potential for sunshine on the horizon this morning, I knew I was going to be walking to the office. I’m somewhat of a fair weather morning commuter, but there were no excuses this morning – the weather was perfect.

I track my walks using my Apple Watch, but really this morning was more of an amble. No speed records were broken, that’s for sure. I paused several times just to take in the view and watch the sunrise reflect off various surfaces along the way. I took a few photos as well, particularly of the front doors on Narrow Street with their impressive Christmas Wreathes. Very festive!

The walk was the perfect antidote to a busy mind when I woke up this morning. I started work at home at about 0630, so an hour-long walk at 0830 was just what I needed.

No more photos once I’d left Narrow Street, however. I quickly realised that if I continued at this pace, I’d be late for my 0930 meeting. I picked up the pace a little bit, but kept enjoying the view.

When the sun is out in London in the morning, you see the difference in other people – if you bother to look. You can see smiles on their faces, you can see a spring in their step. The sunshine is a powerful vitamin and mood booster, that’s for sure.

I honestly don’t mind walking around in this kind of cold weather, as long as a) I’m prepared for it and can wrap up and b) there’s some sunshine on my face.

I’m already looking forward to walking to and from the office as soon as Spring arrives.

6 comments on “Taking in the morning sunshine

  1. Is that The Narrow pub I can see? I went there once (as a treat from my work) 😅


  2. Nice photos – thank you for sharing them here. Naked hugs!


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