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The chill is here

I know it’s very subjective, but I’m finally feeling the London cold. I mean, consistently. So I’m having to put some (more) clothes on.

We’ve had some very cold days, some wet days and some gorgeous sunny days across November and December. But I’m finally feeling a consistently cold chill in my bones and have been layering up my clothes like someone whose plane just crashed on the side of a mountain in the Andes.

When I came home from the cinema on Sunday night (after watching the incredibly new Spider-Man film), I was chilled to the very core. The cinema is just a ten-minute walk away, but that was enough to feel like I’d been in the Arctic for an afternoon.

It was so cold, I actually got dressed to go to bed shortly afterwards! Not being an owner of pyjamas, I recycled the lovely ones I got on my last flight from Singapore with Qatar Airways. Honestly, if @TheFrankFlyer hadn’t been judging me so hard, I’d have worn a hat too!

I can only imagine that I was so enthralled in the film’s action and laughs that I didn’t notice the cold of the cinema and my plunging body temperature. But the pyjamas did their trick and I was soon asleep.

Waking up in them was confusing, however. I didn’t know where I was or why I was still wearing clothes in bed! They were quickly shucked off in the warm apartment the next morning as I ambled off to make y first coffee of the day. I’ll be keeping them for cold weather emergencies like this, but don’t want to make a habit of getting dressed for bed.

Given my history of insomnia, I want to have as good a night’s sleep as possible and there’s some scientific evidence to say that we sleep better when naked. I know that (usually) I do when I’m sans clothes.

For as long as I remember, I haven’t used pyjamas. The exceptions are few and far between. When, for example, it’s so cold that I need some additional warmth. When I’m sleeping in public, like on a plane (I don’t want to get banned from any airlines!) and sometimes when I grab a quick nap on a Saturday afternoon.

This may all change, incidentally, if @TheFrankFlyer gets his way. He’s not averse to my home-based nudity per se, but he’s continually worried about the new apartment buildings going up across the street and what the neighbours will think if they spot me padding to and from the kitchen in my birthday suit.

“Won’t somebody please think of the children” as Maude Flanders used to exclaim.

Well, seeing as their new building is now blocking our formerly pleasant view across Canary Wharf, I’m tempted to respond with ‘Fuck the neighbors’. In fact, that’s exactly how I respond. Also, I’m in my own home, so there’s no way I’m changing my routine for complete strangers.

But it’s nice to know the PJs are there if I need them.

3 comments on “The chill is here

  1. For emergencies only! I sleep clothes-free, too! (Why does that NOT surprise anyone?) Naked hugs!

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