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A little frustrated

I can’t be the only person in the UK who is feeling decidedly frustrated by the last few weeks of Brexit-related shenanigans?

I know it’s a bit of a trope for the average non-politician to claim they could run the country better, but I’m convinced that if the Government were a Board of Directors of a business, they’d have been fired long ago.

Inept doesn’t begin to describe it.

The last few years have seen competence and high office move further and further apart. I long for the day when we have some qualified, competent and decidedly boring government ministers quietly getting on with running their departments.

It’s not down to Brexit, but in my view has definitely become more common since the vote, for politicians to believe that if they talk loudly and confidently enough about a topic, they can sweep aside expert advice and sometimes even common sense.

And so we’re back to competence.

I’ve heard some amazing bullshit from politicians on all sides of Parliament in the last two weeks. People who believe wholeheartedly in British exceptionalism – “the normal trade rules don’t apply to us” – who believe that other countries should just suck it up (much of this directed at Ireland) and that if only we were all a bit more positive about Brexit, then it would all work out.

I’m sorry, but I’ll trust an educated, qualified technocrat over a power-hungry moron any day. No matter what their political leaning.

There’s a good chance that before I go to sleep tonight, not only will we have a new Prime Minister but we could be heading for a hard Brexit with no brakes.

I’ve not lost all hope in politics, but I’m not far off.

10 comments on “A little frustrated

  1. I feel your frustration with the politicians. However, ineptness isn’t a strictly British institution. Just look at what’s happening to the USA today. Fools abound! Naked hugs!

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  2. I don’t know what we would talk about if there was no Trump or Brexit!!


  3. We will know soon enough with Brexit I suppose. Though I don’t think the EU and Britain will ever be free of each other.


  4. SteveMortonMrPhilofaxy

    You are not alone, the continuing farce is worrying to say the least, particularly for people like myself living in the EU27

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    • And those, like me and my other half, from the EU27. I veer between despair and optimism on a daily basis. And while I’d much rather ignore the whole thing, as a business owner it’s just not a viable option.


  5. Right on your page, friend! Though in the bright department, if things actually turned around and became rational, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver would probably lose their jobs and end up on welfare. 😬 Late night comedy without Trump and Brexit sounds like a real drag! LOL

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    • Well done for spotting the upside! Very true.

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      • Don’t know if it would seem as poignant on your side of the pond, but if you haven’t seen the David Letterman Netflix interview of Obama, you should. (One doesn’t realize how far we’ve drifted until you hear two humans speaking in complete sentences with vocabulary beyond the second grade level.


        • I haven’t but I’ll check it out. Would be nice to hear some rational, evidence-based discussion for a change. It’s sorely lacking in politics right now.

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