The morning after run

Thanks to my new anti-insomnia sleep regime, I no longer have any weekend lie-ins. This leaves me more time for exercise and gym visits.

Time which I obviously spend online instead.

But this morning, I snapped out of my social media haze when the sun came through the rather nasty-looking clouds and virtually blinded me as I sat on the couch with my (third) morning coffee.

I took it as a sign and threw on my running gear, moving fast enough to beat any second thoughts or procrastination.

The weather quickly reverted to its previous state and I got rained on and almost blown into the Thames by some pretty ferocious wind. But I kept going, making it as far as the Shadwell Basin, which is just about 3km from my front door. Basically, I repeated yesterday’s route, but a little slower – I’m blaming last night’s cheese and beer!


I took the at the top of this post while I had a quick pause and, if nothing else, it spurred me on to run home faster. I didn’t want to get caught in a downpour. Looking back over the big sky above Canary Wharf, it promised nothing but more grim weather.

I was so glad to get home, feeling very windswept and cold. A hot shower would have been delightful at that point, but I’d agreed to clean the bathrooms while @TheFrankFlyer dusted and hoovered, so I cracked on.

Once that was done, I got my shower and then got some lunch and retired to the couch where I enjoyed just putting my (newly pedicured) feet up and watching the lights on the Christmas tree.


I’m aiming for another morning run tomorrow before work. This week includes three after-work drinks events, so I need to do what I can to offset the damage to my waistline. I know it won’t cancel it out completely, but some running is better than no running at all.


4 comments on “The morning after run

  1. Definitely! Go when the going is good, I say,


  2. ethnicolor

    Agreed: thinking=procrastination, when it comes to exercise – just go!

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  3. Some is definitely better than none! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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