It’s beginning to look a lot like the weekend

Yesterday, I accidentally woke up at 6am. This was due to my iPhone alarm and Apple Watch going off for some reason, despite me having turned off the alarm the night before.

It made for a very long day.

There was quite a lot to do, including get our Christmas tree, set it up, go grocery shopping, prepare for some friends coming round yesterday evening and tidy the place up.

Oh, and I wanted to get some exercise, too.

I faffed around for a couple of hours, reading news and writing. But then the sun made a brief appears in the Wintery sky outside, so I grabbed my running gear and went for a much -needed run. Even though I’ve had a lot on this week, work-wise, I’ve had no proper exercise, so it felt great to hit the streets and run by the Thames path.

I did a speedy 6km – fuelled by the three espressos I had for my breakfast!


This was actually my fastest run for a while and it felt great to sprint the final straight try our apartment block. Just as the sun was disappearing again.

Then it was time for fluids, a shower and some weekend self-care. The usual hair removal (taking long and longer) and a relaxing face-mask while I listened to my favourite podcasts. This week’s ‘Dead Ringers’ and ‘Do By Friday’ were both excellent. But  I knew I still needed to meet up with @TheFrankFlyer over at the Canary Wharf shops to get food and drink.



This image would get me banned from Tumblr, I expect 😉 But please note the absence of ‘female presenting nipples’.

I’ll gloss over the hell that was Waitrose on a Saturday afternoon in December, and go straight to the festive bit! @TheFrankFlyer had already bought our Christmas tree, but it soon became evident that it was bigger than previous trees and that we’d need some more lights and decorations.

So he popped back to the shops to grab some more lights, while I took care of our recycling. We then set about decorating the tree, attaching our Christmas wreath to the front door and then hoover up the metric ton of pine needles that had gathered on our living room floor.

We were very happy with the end result and set the tree next to a roaring log ‘fire’, courtesy of our Apple TV.

The evening disappeared in a haze of laughter, too much cheese and some excellent beers. My buddy Jack brought a nice selection of IPAs from a brewery close to him in Deptford, and we also enjoyed some of the excellent beers I’d ordered from Beer 52 earlier in the week. A kind of Christmas Selection Box of beers.

Our evening finished in a raucous and filthy game of Cards Against Humanity and we said our goodbyes for Christmas. It’s the challenge with having mainly international friends in London – everybody goes home for Christmas. But we’ll see them again in the new year, for our newly instigated ‘Movie Night’.

(Which is basically ‘beer night’, but we’ll play a movie the background to ensure we appear cultured to the outside observer.)

And now?

A morning of cleaning the apartment, then enjoying the delicious leftovers from last night’s buffet of cheese and meat. Followed by some online Christmas shopping, because it can’t be put off any longer!

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