It started with sweatpants…

In just a few short years, I’ve gone from owning absolutely no sweatpants to owning many sweatpants and now: a onesie. Which I am wearing as I type this.

I know, right?

Let’s take a step back.

I will freely admit to seriously disliking sweatpants – the look, not the wearing of – for many, many years. I thought they looked lazy. I thought they were bland and shapeless. I judged everyone who wore them in public. Judged them hard.

And then? Then I bought an excellent pair in Uniqlo and my life changed forever.


I don’t know why I held out so long. The comfort. The warmth. Again, the comfort. It’s close to indescribable. But I’ll give it a go.

For this sometime naturist, you wouldn’t think I’d get so excited about an article of clothing – when I’m often most comfortable at home clothes-free. But, you know, come winter, it’s frankly too cold to sit round in the buff and sweatpants are the perfect compromise between nudity and ‘real clothes’. Some evenings after work, getting into my sweatpants is quite literally the first thing I do. Before anything else.

It’s like slipping into a warm bath. Like sitting down in the sauna.

After using them at home, I started wearing them to remain comfortable when flying to Asia. Yeah – from the couch to Business Class in just a few months. Originally, just on board the plane instead of pyjamas, but then my standards slipped and I started wearing them in airports too. Yes, the sweatpants-judger joined the judged and didn’t care one jot. I was comfortable and that was that.

(Accessorise them appropriately and you don’t look like you’ve just crawled out of your student accommodation and made it as far as Gregg’s to get some gravy-filled pastry monstrosity.)

A pic of me wearing my favourite sweatpants on board a Finnair flight to Tokyo. Doesn’t the comfort just jump out of the photo? 

Back in March, I wore them all the way to Singapore, via Qatar. Why? Because it was two epically long flights and I didn’t think I’d meet anyone I knew. But even if I had, I don’t think it would have mattered. My extreme comfort was translating into extreme confidence. Or, to put it another way, giving far fewer fucks about what other people think of me.

So now, basically, I’m super comfortable with my sweatpants. I’ve even been known to dash across the street to Tesco wearing them, to pick up some emergency chocolate.

But…it’s a slippery slope. This morning, I took receipt of the most beautiful, comfortable and cosy onesie. You know? An all-in-one cotton hibernation pod which I fully intend to wear for the whole of the winter.

As soon as I slipped it on, it was love. High quality cotton, a perfect fit and a double-ended zip with means you don’t have to to take off to use the bathroom. I was sold. I’m actually considering getting another one to have as a spare when this one is in the laundry.

Though unlike the sweatpants, I can confirm I won’t be wearing my onesie outdoors. No way. Never.

At least, I don’t plan on doing it. I think I’ll stick to the sweatpants for January’s flights to Tokyo.

So yeah.

Sweatpants are basically a fashion gateway drug, leading to even more comfortable and cosy loungewear.

9 comments on “It started with sweatpants…

  1. Some twat new-hire (they’re doing this thing, DOC is so in need of staff they hire 90 days at no interview, BACKGROUND CHECK or training). So, you get the worst of the worst who want to literally sit full time with babysitters ( obviously within a prison, we can’t allow them to WORK or be alone for 1 second).

    I think I lost my train of thought, THE POINT IS a guy wore sweatpants & I mean from Walmart.

    Men and women regularly wear jammie bottoms at shops nowadays. I want to ‘pants’ them. Do you know ‘pantsing?’ You run up behind somebody and pull their trousers down so that they’re standing there only in underpants. The funniest is in the rare occasion somebody is going commando and it’s like, ‘joke’s on YOU, I ain’t wearing no pants, yo!’


    • There was a train of thought? 😘

      Also: the benefit of a onesie is that you can’t be pantsed. But yes, someone out there may well attempt to pants me while I’m wearing my sweatpants and that’s a risk I’m just willing to take – for the sake of comfort / laziness…

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  2. I agree that the sweatpants are both comfortable and have great utility value. As bare practitioners, both my spouse and I wear them frequently when we’re out and about. They serve a purpose (clothing) without sacrificing range of motion. In addition, they eliminate the need to remove a belt when boarding a flight. Cool post. Naked hugs!


  3. SteveMortonMrPhilofaxy

    That Casey Neistat travel look!

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  4. ethnicolor

    LOLs – I am *squarely* in the ‘judging’ camp on this one! I’m actually laughing out loud at my own snobbishness as write; perhaps I’m too stubborn? The Number 1 thing in life is to suit yourself. And the Number 1A apartment next door in life is having having a flexible outlook, because “you never know”. Discovering that comfort beats appearances in the sartorial ‘rock-paper-scissors’ is actually sign of a flexible mind, and I admire your ability to go with what you feel is better, appearances be damned!

    Liked by 1 person

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