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Hibernation mode

Waking up to this kind of grim weather makes me want to curl back up under the duvet and go back to sleep until about April.

This morning in London it was the kind of cold damp that seeps into your bones – no matter how many layers you’re wearing! I’ve now got every single light in my office switched on to make up for the dark great permeating outside.

And I’ve just made a cup of coffee to warm my hands!

Such a contrast with Sunday morning’s sunshine. Yes, it was still cold, but the sunshine makes up for everything else. I popped out for a run, planning to do just 6km. The sun appears to have put a spring in my step, as I stayed out for over 11km in the end!

Rain aside, I’m not motivated to step outside my office building today, never mind go running. This is why I find it so hard to stay active in the winter. I think I need more time in the sauna. That way, I get reading done, I warm up (a lot!) and get valuable, quiet thinking time. Plus, it helps me sleep.

I have to go to an evening event after work, but I’m already planning an escape down to the sauna later tonight. Just to ease the chill out of my bones and pretend I’m lying on the beach in Sitges or sitting back with a coffee outside a cafe in Barcelona.

It’s another reason I’m looking forward to our trip to Helsinki next March. Yes, it’s going to be absolutely freezing outside, but indoors I’ll be enjoying some quality Finnish sauna time. Where people know exactly how to behave

5 comments on “Hibernation mode

  1. Try your very best not to think about how warm and snuggly the duvet is… or how easy it might be to cancel everything and curl up in bed… with a hot drink and some Netflix… in comfy clothes…

    Heh heh 😈


  2. I know the feeling all too well, buddy! Naked hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ethnicolor

    I must pick your travel brains sometime over Helsinki / Scandinavia. It’s the one part of Europe we haven’t travelled to (I count Latvia as Baltic).


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