Considering my iPad options

I make no secret of the fact that I adore my iPad Pro. At just 10.5 inches, it’s light, portable and powerful enough for nearly everything I need.

And then Apple go and announce another one.

I’m really quite intrigued by the new 11″ iPad Pro model. Both aesthetically – it’s a thing of beauty – but also the improved Apple Pencil functionality and better iPad Folio keyboard.

But does ‘intrigued’ need to translated into ‘ready to buy’? I’m a well known impulse purchaser when it comes to tech – this blog stands as courtroom-ready evidence on that point. However, even I was a little taken aback when I saw the pricing, adding iPad, Pencil and keyboard.

Because, of course, my existing keyboard and pencil are incompatible with the new iPad Pro model.


I also have to wonder how much of the branding for the new model is size-based – I’m sure there are lots of people out there for whom that half-inch will make a big difference.

I honestly can’t justify the purchase, even if it is a business investment. My existing iPad kicks ass when it comes to what I use it for: reading, all kinds of long-form writing, managing my calendar, to-do lists, email, Netflix, podcasts, managing my blogs and checking my notes while I’m running workshops.

So, quite a lot, when I think about it.

I have, however, done my research on the international pricing. I could save over £300 if I buy the iPad when I’m in Tokyo in January. But it’s still a ton of cash.

Comparing the models is a bit like comparing a nice, reliable, solid Volkswagen with a high octane sports car. The latter might be attractive, but not if I don’t need to go above 40 miles per hour.

So I’ll be staying with this iPad for the foreseeable future. Combined with my iPhone XS Max, it’s the perfect productivity kit for on the go work.

And reading comics.

Did I mention comics? It’s superb for reading comics.

3 comments on “Considering my iPad options

  1. ethnicolor

    I’m hoping to have Saturday off, and if I do I promise I’ll sit down and write a review of my new iPad Pro 12.9. I went for a 1st gen 9.7” iPad Pro. I definitely *can’t* afford to update every time there’s a new hardware upgrade. And I had a 48-hour flirtation with the previous gen 12.9 iPad Pro which I returned as I simply could not justify it. *This* device is a game-changer for me, as when it sits on my desk it’s a substantial portion of my 21” mid-2015 iMac. But gosh, as the podcasts are loudly calling out, iOS needs to go up a few notches in ability to use the oomph delivered by my new beast.


    • I * need* to read your review. But then again, I don’t need any more temptation. My existing iPad Pro does absolutely everything I need it to do right now. So replacing it just isn’t a priority. It was all I needed on my last trip to Dublin and it’s the only thing I bring to meetings now. My MacBook is a tad neglected! And I agree with the podcasts – we need an iPad specific iOS next year so we can take advantage of the iPad’s power.


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