A self-care Saturday

After dealing with a cold/flu/cough that would just not leave my body for three weeks, I’m finally feeling human again. Time to start looking after myself again.

I woke up this morning feeling a lot better, after a good night’s sleep and with a distinct lack of coughing. I made up my mind to get back into some exercise and, after the requisite several cups of coffee, put on my running gear and headed outside.

I managed a very slow and steady 6km and was pleased at the lack of coughing and hacking. In fact, I finished feeling better than when I started. I’ll be heading out again tomorrow morning, for more of the same – but longer. This morning’s very welcome sunshine definitely helped.

I’m now catching up on the personal grooming that suffered as I spent my days on the couch or in bed. It’s relaxing and makes me feel better about myself. Beard trim, head shave, some ‘man-scaping’ and a face mask.

Yes, I’m aware that most of this involves hair removal. I’m at that age, you know?

We have the in-laws visiting this weekend, so soon it’ll be time for brunch. Time to finish this routine and get moving!


6 comments on “A self-care Saturday

  1. Face mask selfie! Love those 😁

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  2. I’m not a “manscaper,” but whatever “floats your boat” is fine with me. I’m glad that you’re feeling better! Naked hugs!

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  4. ethnicolor

    Hope the in-laws visit went well. Sometimes the best part about ‘crashing out’ is the recovery phase. And if you wan work a face-mask in there too, so much the better!

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    • The visit was a blast – up until British Airways cancelled their direct flight back to Mallorca, put them in a taxi to Heathrow and made them fly home via Barcelona. And with my mother-in-law in a wheelchair. Not a great experience for them! Still, I think they enjoyed their brief trip to London.

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      • ethnicolor

        Oh dear. I know all about travelling with folks in wheelchairs. Somehow I’ve never flown with BA; even flights I’ve taken Originating in the UK have been with other airlines. I once flew


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