That welcome Friday feeling

I’m not someone to wish away the week, but this Friday is very welcome. For a few reasons.

For a start, it coincides with my feeling distinctly better than yesterday. After a delicious dinner prepared by @TheFrankFlyer, I changed into my pyjamas and relaxed on the couch for an hour. I know, pyjamas? Yes, even this sometime naturist has to cover up when feeling chilly at home.

I used to tell people (people who asked, I’m not obsessed with nightwear) that I don’t own any pyjamas. And until a while back, that was true. If I needed to wear something very comfortable, I’d put on sweatpants. But sleeping was strictly desnudo. Then, back in March, I traveled to Singapore with Qatar Airways and was gifted some very nice pyjamas to sleep in.


They’ve changed my views on ‘loungewear’ completely. Far superior to any pair I’ve had from British Airways, which never survive their first wash. Amazing cotton and a perfect fit. Yes, they had ‘hobbit size’ available.

So now, I’ll dig out one of my sets (I got one on each leg of the journey) and put them on when I need to feel ‘cosy’. Now we’re heading into winter, they’ll be getting a lot of use.

So last night, I was asleep by 9:30pm last night and slept through until my alarm at 6:00am. That catch-up on missed sleep has done me the world of good (I was doing my accounts at 7:30am this morning, so something’s working!).

I’ve also woken up to some excellent work by the design agency I retained to update my company’s website. Between that and the various pieces of downloadable collateral we’re creating, I’m feeling very enthusiastic about work in general.

(Of course, now people just need to buy me, but that’s another thing entirely.)

This lunchtime, my in-laws arrive from Spain, so the weekend will be a slow-paced, relaxing one, with lots of good food and conversation. Just what’s needed after three weeks on the road due to work.

So all in all, a positive end to the week. It’s really amazing what some sleep can do to change your perspective on things.

So here’s to a positive end to everyone’s week and an enjoyable weekend when it arrives.

(Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash)

2 comments on “That welcome Friday feeling

  1. If you’re truly interested in people buying you, perhaps a gallery of you in your nightclothes?


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