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Feeling grim

It’s two weeks to the day since I last feel 100% healthy. I’m getting bored of it now…

I accepted a lift from a fellow delegate after presenting at a conference in Scotland two weeks ago. Within minutes, I realised she had a nasty cold, which meant that I woke up with same cold the following morning.

Sharing a warm car for over an hour is the perfect method for transmitting these germs, it seems.

And so my symptoms mounted, as I tried to soldier on. After the Scotland trip, there was a Dublin trip, most of which was spent in my hotel room, coughing up a lung in bed, while attempting to remain productive. I didn’t end up canceling anything (others did) and managed to deliver a presentation one night and survive an important client meeting a couple of mornings later. And an all-day conference on the Friday.

Back in London, instead of staying in my bed for a few days, my instinct on feeling even slightly better, was to carry on a normal.

Big mistake.

Last night, my coughing and ensuing headache had me awake at all hours and so I decamped to the sofa with my pillow to read for a while. At some point, I fell asleep and then (I think) returned to my bed at about 3am.

I’m not feeling too fresh this morning, as you might imagine.

The symptoms kicked my ass yesterday and so today, finally, I’m doing the right thing and staying in the warmth of my home office this morning. I’m now taking ‘super strength’ cold and flu capsules, so god alone knows what impact that will have on my ability to write and speak coherently (will anyone even notice), but I’ll try anything at this rate to be symptom-free by the time my in-laws come to stay for the weekend.

And that, you’ll be pleased to hear, is the end of my complaints. For today.

(Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash)

7 comments on “Feeling grim

  1. Not again 😥 I’m sorry you’ve been so sick lately. Sounds rubbish! Have you tried manuka honey? I recommend a spoonful on its own every day and night… don’t eat or drink anything for about an hour afterwards. Ginger tea (really strong) can also be of help, as can Echinacea supplements.


    • Thank you! I’m a fan of honey and ginger and bought both while in Dublin, making frequent cups of tea in my hotel room. I’ll be doing more of the same today and hopefully it’ll make a difference. 🙂

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  2. Brandy, boiling water, Manuka honey and lemon juice in a hot bath with a good book. Not sure it helps, but it’s fun 😉
    Hope you’re feeling better soon

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