The iPhone XS Max: a brief review

I’ve had my new iPhone XS Max for just over a month and so I thought it would be timely to share my experiences to date.

If you don’t want to read the remainder of this post, rest assured I’m a massive fan of this particular phone and believe it’s easily the best product Apple has released in some time.


Yes, really. The combination of build quality, screen size and clarity, processing speed, superb camera and overall beauty make for a compelling phone. So yes, I’m smitten.

This screen size is what always tempted me over the ‘dark side’ of Android about once a year. Apple’s screens, while lovely, seemed to pale in comparison when next to the giant Samsung handsets out there.

And I’m all about the screen real estate.

The extra size means it’s easier to read text when on the move and I’ve taken to catching up on my Pocket reading list when I find myself on the tube or DLR. No squinting required – it really a very comfortable reading device.

I’ve also done some reading via the Kindle app, though it’s not a replacement for my Kindle – but a great way to quickly read a few pages while I’m queuing or waiting for something.

The camera is amazing and some of the shots I’ve manage to take have left me very impressed. I’m no photographer, but the camera – and the built in software, I suppose – seem to do a great job of dealing with various natural lighting issues, reflections and other things that can make phone photography so limiting.

So here’s a selection of recent pics, taken in a wide variety of settings, to illustrate my point.

The phone itself is lightning fast and incredibly responsive. IOS 12 is a pleasure to use, though I’ll admit I’ve still not mastered Siri shortcuts. Though I do find that I’m using Siri more than I used to, mostly for quite reminders, weather forecasts and adding things to my shopping list. It may be my imagination, but Siri seems to have improved as a service over the last year or so.

The handset itself is much bigger than my last model, the iPhone X. For me, this isn’t a problem. I got a super-lightweight case for it and it fits easily inside all my jacket pockets or even in the back pocket of my jeans.

But if you’re interested in getting one, I’d definitely recommend a trip to an Apple Store to get a feel for it in your own hands. I don’t think I have enormous hands, but then again, I can reach everywhere on the screen with just a single hand. So maybe I have mutant hands…

I don’t have any real gripes about the phone. But then again, as we all know, I’m a massive Apple fan-boy and can’t be trusted to be objective when it comes to iPhones.

1 comment on “The iPhone XS Max: a brief review

  1. I was amused when a fav celebrity stated that she had been ‘offline’ for 48 hours due to her new phone only being able to make calls & text. Amused because that what MINE DID but for only the 1st evening through noon. I had to sleep but I reset / wiped it and did a new OS. That was bad but the 5 additional hours of re-installimg apps and getting them up to speed was worse.

    I do like it and am pleased. I agree with the camera improvements! Also speed.


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