Long time, no blog…

I’m conscious it’s been a few weeks since I shared anything here. Nothing major to report except some exceptional workload, travel and general running around.

I’m writing this in the British Airways lounge in Edinburgh Airport. I flew up here on Tuesday morning. The week before was spent working in Dublin. And when I get home this evening, I’ll be unpacking my suitcase in preparation for re-packing and flying back to Dublin on Tuesday morning.

I’m wondering if @TheFrankFlyer will forget what I look like!

It’s all good stuff, though. I spoke at a conference in St. Andrews on Thursday (which went really well!) and then managed to fit in a weekend staying with my mum. Always good to catch up with the family.

And good timing too – my 11 year old nephew won a multi-school poetry competition organised by Poppy Scotland. So we go to see him receive his prize and have his photo taken for the local paper in Dunfermline. He was so pleased! And I was a very proud uncle.

After I get back from Dublin, I’ve a couple of weeks at home with no major travel, before a trip to Belfast, where I’m speaking at another conference. But after that, life calms down considerably until the usual Christmas and New Year’s travel.

So, the bottom line is that I’m still here. Still geeking out on various bits of technology, assorted comics and Netflix shows. I’ve just not had the motivation to write about it all, preferring to either catch up on my sleep or do something less demanding, like listen a podcast.

Hopefully, normal service will resume soon.

1 comment on “Long time, no blog…

  1. I was afraid you’d done a runner and went to live on a small island in the Caribbean.

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