Back in laptop city

Having dropped my beloved MacBook off at Apple’s Regent Street store last week, I was resigned to the fact that it would be a week before I had it back in my hot little hands.

Well, colour me impressed when the store called me today – two full days ahead of schedule – to let me know the laptop had been fixed and was ready for collection.

As predicted, it required a new logic board. This would have cost me £400, but thankfully, the MacBook was still under warranty (by a matter of days!), so it didn’t cost a penny. Relief!

And yes, I missed it.

Despite having an office-based iMac and another one at home, as well as an iPad Pro and keyboard, I missed having the laptop when speedy typing was required. The iPad Pro, even with a keyboard, just doesn’t match the MacBook for efficiency and comfort.

Not when it’s on my lap on the couch, anyway.

It was also probably my quickest ever visit to an Apple Store. Really. I checked in with one of the staff, was brought to a table and then another member of staff explained the work that had been done and got me to sign it off. I was in and out in under 10 minutes. Bravo Apple!

I’ve spent the hours since getting home setting it up. It needed three macOS upgrades (we’re finally on macOS Mojave now) then I needed to install all the various apps I use. Mostly painless, until I got to MS Office. It’s still the reality of my job the I need to have Office, much as I’d like to avoid using it at all.

Getting logged in to download the suite was simply painful. I have no idea why they make it so difficult and why it needs to involve so many steps. Doesn’t make me love the product any more, in any case.

I don’t use Outlook, preferred Apple’s own Mail app. I use Powerpoint simply because so many clients do and the number of presentations I give each month makes it easier. I have a minimal number of spreadsheets, so Excel is fired up maybe once a week. Onenote hasn’t even been opened.

I avoid Word like the plague, as I think it’s a bloated piece of crap. For getting words out of my head these days, everything goes into Bear Notes. Once I’ve edited, it will be exported as a PDF for sharing with someone for comments, or even in Google Docs for the same. But I try to keep interactions with Word to a minimum.

Anyway, I’m almost there. Dropbox is ticking along in the background, downloading a plethora of files, while Mail does the same with my far-too-many emails. I’ll leave it to run overnight and I should have an almost brand-new laptop in the morning.

2 comments on “Back in laptop city

  1. How are you finding Mojave on a MacBook (not a pro)? I’m wondering whether to upgrade my 2015-vintage 12″ Retina MacBook (it’s still on Sierra because I wasn’t brave enough to go to High Sierra) but I’m a bit concerned that Mojave will eat all its memory and leave me with performance problems…


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for reading! I’m finding Mojave to be working just fine. No problems on the rebuilt MacBook thus far. It’s less than a year old, though, so I couldn’t speak for a 2015 model. Might be useful to research if you can downgrade to a previous OS if Mojave doesn’t work out.



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