Technology: it’s not foolproof

Massive amounts of patience and deep breaths will be required as I bring my borked MacBook in to an Apple Store for a fix.

Now I’m not saying I’m the fool implied in the title above, but sometimes technology just isn’t as cooperative and as simple as manufacturers would make out.

I have to spend a good chunk of this morning waiting in line at an Apple Store in the West End to get my Macbook seen to. It’s less than a year old, but it seems that the hard disk has gone to the big Apple storage device in the sky.

And this is the replacement model! Almost a year to the day when a gust of Japanese wind sent a coffee cup spilling a dribble of leftover coffee into the keyboard of my last MacBook right outside Kanazawa station.

That was not a happy train ride to Tokyo, I can tell you.

After opening its replacement for the first time in a week (I’d been traveling), I got a very peculiar screen instead of the usual desktop: a flashing folder icon with a big question mark inside. This means the Mac couldn’t find the startup disk.

Oh dear. Never good news.

So I religiously followed all the advice on the Apple website, then did an online chat with an Apple support person (who asked me to go through it all again) only to be told that it was definitely a hardware issue and I had to bring it into Apple for a looksee by a Genius.

The first slot he could find was next Tuesday, so I’m going to brave the crowds and just wait patiently for a gap in the system this morning. I really, really need my laptop and definitely want it seen to before the warranty runs out at the end of the month.

Wish me luck.

I’m hoping for a clean swap for a refurbished model. But I know it won’t be done automatically and I’ll need to go through the whole thing again in person. I’ll need to smile sweetly and patiently and just hope for the best. Needs must when the Devil has borked your hard drive, I suppose.

And while I’m a big Apple fan (as this blog will attest), no technology is absolutely problem-free. That’s rational me talking, there. Emotional me is sobbing with rage while staring at the immaculate case of my MacBook, willing it to wake up and just work.

Let’s see what happens…

(Photo by Jachan DeVol on Unsplash)

6 comments on “Technology: it’s not foolproof

  1. Oh dear, that sounds pretty bad 😣


  2. ethnicolor

    Yikes – although these days the chances are you’ve got your content on cloud storage (or cloud backups?) so as long as there’s nothing unique on that hard drive, you should be OK. You just don’t have the same *compute power* like for processing video or audio, or perhaps running 3rd-party apps? A real pain, but hopefully nothing actually lost? BTW I’m rocking my new Tennis Max (256GB) and loving it!


    • Congrats on the phone – glad you like it! Oh I’ll survive without the MacBook for a week. Just disappointing that it failed so fundamentally within its first year. It’s now in for repair and will take a week before I can get it back. It’s the principle of the thing – a £1200 laptop dying within its first year. 🙄


      • ethnicolor

        Listening to the various podcasts, the anecdotal evidence on the Pros is that Apple really seem to have dropped the quality ball on laptops these past two generations. I don’t know if the July 2018 refresh are a hit or miss yet.

        Liked by 1 person

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