On the mend

I'm finally feeling human again, after the flu that just wouldn't die. Time for some moderation and self-care...

I spent the weekend in Scotland, visiting my mum and helping her get ready to move house. And sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.

I averaged ten hours per night and I can only assume it was my body’s way of dealing with the flu. With no morning alarm set, I simply slept through until daylight woke me up through the window.

However, in addition to sleeping, there was also a lot of coughing. In fact, I’ve woken up every morning for the last two weeks with the kind of ferocious cough that turns heads on trains. I know, because I saw those heads turn in my direction.

This morning is the first morning since mid-September that I haven’t woken up with a kind of flu-related hangover and a disgusting cough.


In order to prevent a recurrence, I’m going to get the flu jab. This might take a while to organise, as it’s that time of year, but I just can’t afford to be that sick again any time soon.

While I managed to keep going and continue to get on planes, trains, and automobiles, my productivity plummeted and I know I was performing sub-par. A few days in bed might have knocked this on the head some time in September, but I had things to do.

And since I decided not to run the Royal Parks half-marathon, it’s been a real weight off my mind. Being an adult and taking it out of my schedule is the kind of thing I should have done a month ago, but it’s still nice to not have that responsibility hanging over me. Time to remove a few more from my schedule and free up time for actually taking it easy.

This week is delicious: no travel outside of Zone 1 and today, I get to work from my home office to record another episode of my work-related podcast. In fact, my next bit of work-related travel isn’t until the 23rd of the month, so I get to enjoy my own bed for a few weeks in a row.

Business travel can be fun and interesting, but not when battling the flu and not when it’s back to back airports and train stations. Here’s to more travel moderation in the final quarter of 2018!

(Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash)

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