Done and done. New iPhone ordered.

Despite my worries, this morning’s launch of the new iPhones wasn’t too much of a stressful experience. Not what I was saying to myself at 0759 this morning, though…

I’d already made up my mind on the model, colour and capacity of the phone I was after, (iPhone XS Max, 256GB, Space Grey), so my main job was to click the right buttons and do it fast enough that I’d reserve a phone before they all ran out.

The struggle is real, when it comes to iPhone pre-ordering windows.

So there I was, sat at my home office desk – fresh out of the shower and not even dressed yet – with the Apple Store holding page live on my iMac, my MacBook, my iPhone X and my iPad Pro.

You can’t be too careful.

The first of these ‘windows’ to open was on the iPhone and I leapt straight in. Seconds later, I was confirming my purchase, but it was rejected due to the way Apple had recorded my home address in its system.

WT actual F?

So I had to retype my address (carefully, with shaking fingers) and resubmit. It took, maybe, five additional seconds, but all I could think was “That’s it – I’ve missed my chance!” I needn’t have worried.

Moments later, I had the confirmation email in my inbox and a delivery date of 21st September – a week from today.

So, now it’s just a case of containing my excitement until Friday next week while I read a load more reviews and get familiar with iOS 12.

Yes, I know – it’s only a phone. But, you know, gadget lust and stuff.

Did any of you reserve a new piece of tech from Apple today? 

(Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash)

1 comment on “Done and done. New iPhone ordered.

  1. Somebody rang me at about 4am local time from Dublin, Eire. I assumed it was a background check on you so, I didn’t pick up. You’re welcome!

    True, though I assumed it was a mis-dial.

    I’m awaiting a month or so to hear any woes.

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