The new iPhones: it’s gotta be Max!

I'm all in on Apple's new big-screen iPhone Xs Max. Despite the terrible, terrible name...

Well, I faithfully tuned in and sat through Apple’s new product announcement yesterday evening. All of it, even the games demos and tedious explanations from less than charismatic technical people.

Yes, the new Apple Watch looks fantastic. But I have a series 3 watch, so I’ll simply enjoy a free upgrade to the Watch OS and hold off on upgrading the watch itself for another year.

As I said in my last post, I was there for the new iPhones.

And those leaks were bang on. I’m not sure I learned anything new of substance. There were there models, two upgrades to the iPhone X and a new iPhone Xr, coming in at a much lower price point.

I’ll be honest: if there’d only been this iterative upgrade to the iPhone X (the iPhone XS), I wouldn’t be thinking up upgrading. Apple’s ‘s’ years are really aimed at those people who’ve held off on upgrading for a few years.

The new screen real estate of the iPhone XS Max was a completely different story. As I’ve said before – on many occasions – I adore phones with bigger screens. Unfortunately, until fairly recently, this has meant that they’ve also come with bigger cases and ended up somewhat clunky.

When I look at an iPhone 7 Plus, for example, I think it looks great until the screen comes on and I can see just how much wasted space there is.

The iPhone XS Max (I’m already tired of writing that awful name and dread saying it out loud) has Apple’s biggest ever iPhone screen at 6.5 inches, but is about the same size as the existing iPhone 8.

At 6.5 inches, we’re not too far away from my much-missed 7 inch Google Tablet, the Nexus 7. A super-portable and (in its day) super-speedy device, perfect for on the move readying. I loved that tablet and I think the iPhone XS Max (ugh) is going to the fill the Nexus-shaped hole in my little geek heart.

I’m preordering on Friday morning and crossing my stumpy little fingers that I’ll actually be able to get one. I can see a lot of people going for this model on the upgrade programme. The price, though is…less attractive. The top of the range model is nearly £1500. Which is basically nuts.

I already have a guaranteed trade-in for my iPhone X, set at £600. So if I go for the 256GB model of the Max, it’ll ‘only’ cost me £650 up upgrade. Plus, I’ll be buying it through my business, which will help – but it’s still a lot simply to upgrade a phone.

However, as I said last time, cost-per-use is the way to look at this. It’s not just a phone anymore and it’s used constantly and on a daily basis. It’s also a very valuable work tool, since thanks to Xero, I manage my accounts with my phone while I’m on the go.

So yes, I’ll be preordering tomorrow morning before I head out for work. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Unless you’re also going to try to buy one – in which case, don’t forget that preorders start on Saturday….

(Photo by Michał Kubalczyk on Unsplash).

13 comments on “The new iPhones: it’s gotta be Max!

  1. It may be that when I see them in person, my mind with change. I love the idea of larger but where does ‘too large for me to use as a phone enter?’ For that matter, working in a secure location, I can’t even take in my phone, therefore it’s used as a phone in hand only at home. In the car, I use Bluetooth through my radio.


    • I think the Max is definitely entering ‘phablet’ territory. Which means: if you’re only using it at home and via Bluetooth in the car, does size matter? Probably a good idea to check them out in person…


  2. I’ve been using the 7 Plus for 2 years now, and my upgrade is due at the end of the month. I’m definitely going X-smax (did I just start a nickname trend?) so let’s see how much of a fight I’ll have with Three Ireland. I likewise have a Series 3 Watch but I don’t have your qualms about changing so soon. My bank might, though… 😬 We’re travelling (Lombardy) but I may see what I can do before going home next week. Maybe it’s just as well the hotel has such abysmal WiFi!


    • Oh wow – you’ll have to let me know how you get on with the new Watch. I’m actually surprised at my restraint and self-control at only buying the phone this morning. Enjoy your travels and your iPhone SMAX (yes, well coined) when it arrives.

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      • How do you organise your buy-back replacements? Directly with Apple?


        • Frank organised this for me! I’m selling it to O2. Hopefully straightforward and pain free.

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          • I have to be my own Frank for this one – plus advise the Chef on how to get his “fairly shook” iPhone 5 upgraded… Not sure how I’ll break the news the Home button is a thing of the past… 🙄


            • Oh dear. Is he attached to it? The gestures on the iPhone X take a little getting used to but I now find them much better than the home button. Smaller phone with more screen.

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              • He’s not a fan of technology; always has to be dragged to the ball. That he does use email and Twitter means it has real value for his business. But he learns one thing, one way and that’s it. Any change to something he already knows how to do will be impatiently tutted and sighed at for ever; I predict many instances of “Here; fix that!” and “why did they change it?” and “I want it to be like the way it was before!” All par for the course!


  3. Considering the XR myself, but not on launch day. I’m wanting a new iMac first, my late 2009 one will not support the new version of the OS.


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