Today’s Apple Event: who am I kidding?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ll know that Apple are going to announce their latest phones today. I’ll save us all a lot of time and energy by confirming I’ll be buying one of them.

In previous years, I’ve wasted time protesting that I don’t need an upgrade and that I’m happy to stick with the model I have. I’ve tried to convince myself and whoever reads this blog that the upgrade just isn’t necessary.

And then, invariably, I buy one anyone. The FOMO is strong in me and I have very, very little self-control when it comes to mobile phones.

On the other hand (now brace yourself for some rationalisation), if I divide the price by the number of times I actually use the phone, it’s a very different picture. It’s constantly with me, acting as my calendar, project management tool, email manager, entertainment centre, map, note-taker, fitness tracker, mobile banking system and personal finance manager.

And that’s only scratching the surface.

Yes, laying out over £1000 for a mobile phone seems ludicrous. But the cost-per-use is a lot more reasonable and it’s not just a phone anymore. Far from it. I can also count on getting £600 for my existing iPhone – demonstrating just how well they keep their value (as long as you don’t smash their oh-so-delicate screens).

As for the rumours/leaks, it sounds like Apple are actually managing to improve my favourite phone of all time, the iPhone X, by releasing a larger-screen model. Allegedly called the iPhone XS Max.

Vomit-inducing device names aside, I’ve long lusted after the enormous Android devices that Asian markets are full of. With 6.5 inches of Apple goodness in my hand, I think I’ll finally have reached iPhone Nirvana.

Until next year, obviously.

And I may actually pass out if Apple announce than this larger model will work with the Apple Pencil, or similar stylus. It’ll be like having my beloved 1990’s PDAs back, just able to do much, much more. Though I don’t think that’s likely.

With less than six hours to go until we know for sure what Tim Cook will announce (and how much it’ll all cost), I can feel my gadget-excitement rising. Especially as I’ll be able to watch the livestream of the announcement. I’m actually in London for this announcement, and will be able to make it home before 6pm local time.

See you on the other side for some further thoughts on the new iPhone lineup. And any surprises Apple have managed to keep from the leakers…

2 comments on “Today’s Apple Event: who am I kidding?

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  2. 😬


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