Read more comics, while saving money?

I recently started using a new app to keep on top of my finances. It’s called Moneyhub and it’s the best. But how has it saved me money? And what’s that got to do with reading comics?

Combined with a new current account at Starling, the instant notifications and automatic categorisation of my expenditure gives me a detailed and up to date perspective on where my money’s going each month.

On of the first things I noticed was the disgusting amount of money I was spending on digital comics. I stopped buying paper comics a long time ago. This was due to the practicality of getting to a comic shop on time each week and the amount of space a large comic collection takes up.

So I started using ComiXology and never looked back. It was super easy to track down my favourites each week and also try new series. ComiXology is how I discovered Saga – something for which I’ll be forever grateful. But because I was buying a few comics every week, the costs soon piled up.

My recent review of the budget meant that this really was a luxury outlier which I couldn’t ignore. If I’m going to spend less on stuff, so that I can travel more and have more fun holiday experiences, that means something had to happen to my unsustainable comics habit.

Step forward Marvel Unlimited. It’s a subscription service from Marvel Comics where you basically have unlimited access to their back catalogue for just £7.99 a month. Considering a tropical comic on ComiXology is £2.49, this is quite the saving.

There are some limitations, of course. Comics appear on the catalogue about six months after they’re first published. So if you’re all about getting your hands on the freshest stories each week, this isn’t for you.

And while you can read as many comics as you like, you can download download 12 at a time for offline reading. This is my main gripe with the service, as 12 comics won’t take me all the way to Tokyo! But for your average train journey or short hop on a plane, it’s fine.

I’ve enjoyed dipping into series that I wouldn’t have tried previously, all based on cost. I’ve been revisiting old comics I remember from when I was a lot younger. And (I think) I’ve finally started reading the X-Men again after a very long time.

If you’re a comics fan with an expensive habit, I’d give it a try. You can get a free trial to see if it’s for you. Of course, it’s limited to Marvel, but that’s where the bulk of my reading is. I’m still reading Saga (I mean, duh!) but that’s a tiny price to pay for such great all round entertainment.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve some old copies of Alpha Flight to finish reading…

12 comments on “Read more comics, while saving money?

  1. Oooh a Netflix of comics 😀 This sounds like an intriguing idea.

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    • That’s a brilliant way of looking at it. *SO* much cheaper than buying them forever at £2.49 a pop. And I’m still paying for them, so I don’t need to feel guilty. And a great way of checking out comics you mightn’t buy.

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  2. I switched to just digital comics at the end of last year and am spending way too much on them, too. I really want to switch to unlimited, to save money, but the limitations are what put me off – I read both Marvel and DC, and I don’t like having to wait 6 months for new comics. I’d gladly pay a little more to get everything when it becomes available – I’d still save money. I just pre-subscribed to DC Ultimate Universe, so once I see how that is, I may consider Marvel unlimited as well. I definitely don’t miss having to make a special trip to the comic book store, having to buy backboards and sleeves, having to file comics away, and I love the convenience of having comics available on my portable iPad any time. I just need to be better about not buying so much (I’m a sucker for huge sales on back issues and collections.)

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    • I hear you! I used to regularly blow far too much on ComiXology Sales on a whim. Far too easy. I’m 99% a Marvel reader, so splitting my time between them and DC really isn’t an issue. And now I’m realised just how much of Marvel’s output I’ve missed over the last few years, I’m happy enough to travel through the older stuff (I.e. published within the last five years) to catch up. I think my main challenge will be avoiding spoilers online, but still – it’s working for me so far. I’ve gone all digital on music and books (with some exceptions), so comics was the obvious next choice.


  3. I finally caved in and hot Audible because i kepy buying books that i was too occupied to read. Driving 60-90 minutes a day means even though i dont always listen, when i do, i get to ingest books!

    I never liked aufiobooks before anf i cant say they’re even mildly good gor ADHD brains (my self-diagnosis) BUT…im still getting more books in than i was.

    Im also a non-exercising, exercise program buying junkie. My idea being (much lile Audible meams i get SOME books), i do the idd workout that id never do otherwise.

    I bought my second subscription year to Beachbody On Demand (yes, I’m an affiliate for its savings) AND I have been using Aaptiv.

    Basically, it takes several subs to get me to do anything and it still ends up cheaper!


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  8. Hi there,
    I commented on your blog a couple of days ago but it seems to have went to the spam folder for some reason. But the spam filter people have fixed the issue so hopefully this comment will go through. (I wanted to sent you an email but couldn’t find a contact form on your blog 😦 )
    I reblogged one of your articles yesterday, but it just occurred to me that I should have asked for permission beforehand. I’ll take it down if there are any issues, just let me know 😀

    I loooved Marvel unlimited, went through all the spiderman/deadpool issues I could get my hands on as of last fall and dived into individual spidey or deadpool series.
    I had to unsubscribe because of life issues but your post got my spidey juices going and I might subscribe again XD

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