Blog merging thoughts…

In a moment of creativity, I separated all my travel-related posts from this blog and set up But now I thinking of reversing this and going back to how things were…

For a start, I’m not a ‘professional blogger’ whatever that is. So a separate travel blog doesn’t bring in sponsorship deals or free weekends abroad. It brings in additional cost to me and the complexity of managing yet another blog. This is in addition to the two work-related blogs I maintain, guest-posts on other professional sites and this blog you’re reading now.

I originally thought it would be fun and interesting to finally have a blog that focuses on a single topic. This is full to the brim of posts about everything from my running to comics and everything in between.

But a few months into the experiment and I’m wondering if it’s worth the additional hassle. There’s something quite nice about having a single place to do all my writing (if we’re being charitable and using the word loosely).

I’ve also got quite the backlog of travel-related posts to write now that I’m back from Japan, and I want it to be a fun activity, not something I feel obligated to do. Again, I’m not a professional writer and this is supposed to be a hobby.

Perhaps it’s time to step away from the multi-blog lifestyle and rationalise it all into a single place.


Do I just need to get over myself and knuckle down for some writing? Or should I fold them back into each other and carry on as if it never happened?

6 comments on “Blog merging thoughts…

  1. 🙂 Honestly, it is your blog; which means, that you are free to do anything that you want with it.

    Personal bloggers have the freedom to post about multiple topics.

    Whereas, business-related bloggers are better off sticking to a single niche.

    Experiment with your personal blog and do whatever you feel that is okay to do with it.

    After all, you did mention that it is supposed to be a hobby of yours.

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  2. You do whatever works best for you. It’s *your* blog and it also involves *your* time. The only requirements are the one’s that you place upon yourself. Naked hugs!


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