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Absorbing the riverside sunshine

After a fairly hectic day yesterday – running, shopping, errands and the rest – it was nice to pop round to our local on Canary Riverside and enjoy a drink or two in the evening sunshine.

We were meant to go for a single drink before dinner at home, but it turned into three, very slow drinks, while we enjoyed the sun shining down on the garden and warm us up.

I don’t know about you, but the absence of sunshine and warmth in London recently has been a bit of a shock to the system. And I knew this would happen! We all moaned about the heatwave and its insanely wet discomfort, but as soon as it evaporated (seemingly overnight!) the wailing chorus went up! “Where is the sun?!” “It feels like autumn already!” Etc, etc.

So yesterday, it felt like too good an opportunity to miss. We secured a perfect table and chairs in the sunshine, engaged in some excellent people watching of the various Londoners passing by on the Thames Path and did some very productive travel planning.  As a result of which, @TheFrankFlyer has already booked us our next City Break: Helsinki, in March.

So our plans for yesterday late afternoon went out the window, but to me, it was definitely worth it. A few hours of sunshine, conversation and laughing was better than a completed list of errands. Especially as I’m working in Ireland Monday to Thursday this week.

The business travel isn’t problematic in itself, but I felt like it was important to spend some time together before I jet off again.

1 comment on “Absorbing the riverside sunshine

  1. Good for you in taking time to relax and enjoy just *being.* Too many neglect the time to just “breathe.” Naked hugs!


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