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Be still my beating heart: BrewDog is coming to Canary Wharf!

While I’m in the throes of planning a one-day Brewdog pub-crawl in London, they’ve only gone and decided to open up another pub!

And this one is just minutes from my front door, in Canary Wharf!

They’ve taken over the space previously occupied by Jamie’s Italian (no loss to the neighbourhood there!) and I predict it will have no shortage of customers. Look: twenty taps of delicious beers, coming to my neighbourhood. Such an upgrade from the ether of places selling Peroni as if it’s a gift from the gods!

If it’s not been obvious from previous posts, I’m a fan of BrewDog. I even have my own BrewDog passport, which I get stamped when I go to bars outside of London. Yes, I know. But we all have our peculiarities, right? And mine become obvious as soon as I search my Google Photos account for ‘beer’.


It looks like it won’t be open until October, so I don’t think we’ll be including it in our all-the-London-BrewDog-pubs-in-a-day escapade, which I hope will take place in September. And if I’m honest, I’m a little relieved. As things stand, that’s quite a few pubs to cover anyway!

2 comments on “Be still my beating heart: BrewDog is coming to Canary Wharf!

  1. Haha I’m not a fan of Jamie’s Italian either 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. With all that liquids to sample, I hope there are “comfort stations” conveniently spaced throughout your crawl! Enjoy! Naked hugs!


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