New routines

Early Saturday mornings aren't for lie-ins any more. They're for a gentle waking up, spread over many cups of coffee and luxuriating in the silence.

When I was sixteen, if anyone suggested I get out of bed on a Saturday any time before midday, I would’ve caused a riot. And then sulked for the remainder of the day.

Teenagers, eh?

But now? I’ve noticed a new thing I really quite enjoy. I wake up on Saturday mornings almost as early as I do the rest of the week and then throughly enjoy pottering around for a couple of hours before the day properly starts.

It’s pretty much a set routine – something I find quite comforting – I get out of bed, head straight to the kitchen and start my Nespresso machine. I then grab a pint of sparkling water and take my vitamins. Once the coffee is ready, I head to the couch and appreciate the view of the London  sky out of our living room window. Really, I love this view.

I then catch up on the news, wander through some social media streams, take in various favourite blogs, and perhaps write about something that’s on my mind. And I really, really relax.

At this time on a Saturday morning (between 7am and 8am), it’s still fairly quiet here in Canary Wharf. You can actually hear birdsong. There are no sirens, no construction work and nobody shouting on the street below. I love watching how the morning sun reflects off the various windows in buildings nearby and the lack of people moving around and making noise.

@TheFrankFlyer is at the gym at this time of day, so I have the apartment to myself. I might listen to a podcast or some music, but more often than not, I enjoy some silence. Which is a precious commodity when you live in London.

I revel in the long period of time between waking and having to get washed and dressed. At the weekend, getting showered and dressed signifies to me that stuff needs to get done and it’s time for me to get a move on. Errands. Social meetings. Meals to be organised.

Most weekday mornings, it’s more of a rush to get ready and dash out the door. But on Saturday mornings, I like to enjoy the time before that marker just as much as I can. Just me, a laptop and some coffee.

So like a naughty toddler, I refuse to put on any clothes on a Saturday morning, unless it’s absolutely necessary. (Hello, Mr. Groceries Delivery Man!)

At this time of day, the chance of neighbours seeing me through the window are minimal – we’re on the fifth floor, and it’s not like I’m pressing my naked form against the balcony windows! Think of the smudges I’d leave behind.

And if I am spotted, sitting here harmlessly tapping away at my keyboard, what’s the problem? I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve seen me walking around in the birthday suit over the last five years, so I’m pretty immune to embarrassment or anxiety about it. You don’t ride the WNBR and till worry about if people catch sight of your naked buttocks as you make coffee in your own kitchen.

This ‘waking up time’ is exactly that. By the time I do in fact get moving for real, I’m 100% awake, full of delicious coffee and feeling a lot more positive about life. The violent jolt of weekday morning wake-ups is a distant memory and I can start the weekend with a smile.

Yes, I quite like my Saturday morning routine.

Do you have one?

8 comments on “New routines

  1. ethnicolor

    Sure do. I’m always an early riser (05:15) and on Saturdays I get up even more willingly. Daily routines done (20 minute meditation, Irish Times Simplex crossword), I shower and shave. Hubby always works Saturday, so we’re both up at the same time. Next is chores; laundry, kitchen, tidying.
    Next depends on what’s on my calendar. If I have errands, it’s into KK for 9:00AM. Extra-great is to meet up with a friend or friends for coffee.
    If I have no errands, I usually have some kind of project I’m working on at home which gets a few hours – or else I’ll decided today is a Games Saturday (yay!) and I’ll get lost in some good adventure game (think “The Witness”, “Firewatch”, that kind of thing)

    Sunday’s have a defininte routine as well. I’ll wake up at the same time, but I’ll read the news, watch YouTube videos from my subscriptions, read email.
    Up at 09:00, I have a weekly task and project review I stick to regularly, and I also try to map out the week ahead. I’m a big believer in calendar blocking / hyper-scheduling, (whatever you want to call it) even though with my job and my commute I only have a couple of hours in the working week to call my own.

    As I get older (50’s not so far away :O) I see the value in routines more and more, and I put my trust in them. I’ll “do a better day” if I have the same small tasks I do each day at the same time.

    Didn’t mean this reply to be so long – I must find a space online for these musings!

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  2. Our Saturday mornings are similar, so I’ll enjoy a virtual naked coffee with you. My impetus for getting up the same time on weekends as I do weekdays (5ish) is the not so subtle nudging from my dogs letting me know they’re awake and I should be too.

    But I do love the quiet morning to myself: a cup of coffee , blog reading, and digital comics.

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  3. I am horrendously jealous that you get to relax first thing in the morning. From the moment my son wakes us up around 5.30am to 6am, nothing is relaxing until he falls asleep and the chores are done. In general, I start to relax from about 9pm-10pm each day. I don’t want to sound ungrateful – I adore my son and I wouldn’t want a life without him. But the sacrifice of our normal lives has always been hard to adjust to, even after 18 months.

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  4. My morning routine is just that…routine, seven days a week. I can’t abide the smell of coffee, let alone the taste, so it’s breakfast, walk our dog and then the day begins. Naked hugs!

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