For your listening pleasure

My walking commute means listening to a lot more podcasts. Here are three I recommend...

Now that I’m walking my commute to and from work, I need something to keep me amused on the 6km there and 6km back. I turn to podcasts and have been enjoying some new ones recently.

It’s always a challenge recommending a podcast to someone, especially a podcast you love. There are some that I never miss, some weekly staples. But given it’s an hour’s walk each way, daily, I’ve needed to find some fresh titles to add to my library.

So, here’s what I’ve been listening to:


0a1162f0-64ac-0135-902c-63f4b61a9224‘Foclóir’ is the Irish word for dictionary. Motherfoclóir is pronounced…well, just as you’d expect it to be. Naughty, right?

This excellent podcast (95% in English, by the way) is a super-interesting exploration of what it is to speak Irish in the contemporary world. All the presenters are great fun and I regularly learn something new about the language I had to learn from age 4 to 18 back in Dublin.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard Irish spoken before or have no interest in learning the language. If you like languages in general and want to understand more about how minority languages adjust to the modern world, this is a great listen.

Reasons to be cheerful

a6b5a7a0-8210-0135-9036-63f4b61a9224Reasons to be cheerful‘ is the truly uplifting and interesting podcast featuring Ed Miliband (yes, that Ed Miliband) and Geoff Lloyd. Each week, they explore something positive about the world and how we can make it a better place to be.

It’s a really lovely show and one that’s taught me a lot about various topics that seem impenetrable at first glance. How to improve fairness in society. How to minimise our impact on the environment. How to improve voting systems. Don’t let the topics fool you – it’s great fun and a podcast that regularly has me smiling on my commute into the office.

Midori House

a74b6df0-8fca-0132-efd0-5f4c86fd3263Midori House is the daily news discussion from he people at Monocle. It’s always entertaining – more like a magazine than a news bulletin – and they regularly have very knowledgeable and experienced guests.

You won’t find a huge overlap with local news, as they spread their news nets quite wide, but it’s always covered with style and I find I learn a lot from it. The bottom line: I rarely find myself shouting in frustrating at what I hear. Which is more than can be said for a lot of other news I hear…

Now it’s your turn.

What other podcasts should I be listening to?

3 comments on “For your listening pleasure

  1. Interesting. Naked hugs!

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  2. I like to listen to Morning Joe. It’s audio from a 3 hr weekday political program. Joe was a Republican congressman decades ago. The woman is the daughter of Dr. Brzizenski https://g.co/kgs/MySbZz an amazing (now deceased) political advisor and professor who fought his whole life against fascism. The show used to occasionally piss me off, which means it was fair, right? Basically, about a year ago, the main person, Joe, officially left the Republican party due to it no longer being well, Republicans or even Conservatives but something very different and wrong.

    I like it still but find it odd that it has become the anti-Trumpist show. I guess once a leader ruins your party & you have your own show? You fight as you can.

    It’s not yelling and vitriol but reasonable discussions of policy and meta-media discussion.

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