Revisiting the Bucket List

I've reviewed my 'Bucket List' now that I've ticked off a few items, and decided to add a few more for good measure.

Well, now that I’ve made some real progress on my ‘Bucket List’, I thought I’d have another look and see if it needs updating.

But first, some definitions. It’s not a list I want to complete due to impending death. It’s all about remembering to look at the bigger picture, make some plans for things I’d like to experience and then reflecting on said experiences. Otherwise, I could easily just focus on the day to day, doing the same old stuff, and miss out on opportunities to try new things.

And so my bucket list will most likely never be complete, as I intend to keep adding to it as items are completed. That way I always have some interesting personal goals to work towards on a rolling basis, in addition to all the work goals that automatically come my way,

The ticks below illustrate that since I first starting maintaining this list, I’ve made quite a bit of progress. When I chat about it with friends, some are quite surprised about what’s still on the list – things like camping! I’ve just never done it and want to try it at least once. I don’t think it’ll change my life, but who knows?!

The list as is:

  • Take the sleeper train to Scotland (yep, back in 2015) ✔️
  • Go camping (anywhere!)
  • Write a book – fiction or otherwise
  • Start my own business ✔️
  • Visit Iceland ✔️
  • World naked bike ride in London (find out more here) ✔️
  • Record a podcast (listen in here) ✔️
  • Go hiking somewhere in the UK
  • Spend a long weekend in Paris ✔️
  • Visit the Finnish sauna in London (sadly, this appears to be closed forever)
  • Weekend spa visit to Bath ✔️
  • Visit Venice

The number of ticks is pretty satisfying, to be honest. But there’s more to be done.

I’m wondering now if I could combine hiking and camping in a single experience, for example. Or whether that would challenge my preference for indoor comforts a bit too much! And I’ve been asked to co-author a textbook, so that should lead to another tick. If it happens…

After a bit of thought, I’d like to add to add to the list:

Visit Prague: This should be relatively easy. I’ve never been, it looks amazing, is super easy to get to and can be done quite cost-effectively. Friends are often surprised I’ve never been. Mostly it’s because I didn’t have any reason to go on a dodgy stag do in the 90’s. I understand Prague has put that image behind it now, though.

A sauna tour of Helsinki: This one is a no brainer. I love Helsinki and I love saunas. I’d love to do some research and spend time visiting its most spectacular / unusual ones. Maybe being escorted by a local who knows their stuff. Any Finns out there want to take an enthusiastic Irishman under their wing?


Visit Buenos Aires: I have no rational reason for this, it’s pure romanticism. It strikes me as an interesting city and I’ve heard nothing but good things from people I know how have visited in the past. This one will take a bit more organisation, due to distance, cost etc. I could always turn it into a longer tour of Argentina itself.

WBNR Barcelona: now that I’ve completed the World Naked Bike Ride in London, I’m eager for more! And Barcelona’s ride looks fun, well organised and, most importantly, warm! As I’ve said before, I like my naturism where it’s hot and sunny… I’d like to bring my own Brompton bike with me, and avoiding either using a public bike or borrowing one. The Brompton folds enough to be put in the overhead storage, and if I’m going to be cycling naked, there’s not much call for a big suitcase!

Visit a Music festival: I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that, in all my 42 years, I’ve never been to a music festival. I’ve been to gigs from intimate to huge (e.g. seeing Prince live in Dublin!) but never to a multi-day festival. I’m not sure if I could allow myself to count this towards camping as well, but if I’m sleeping in a tent it’s camping – right? I’m not sure I could go ‘full Glastonbury’ first time round, but there’s got to be some smaller two-day festivals I could have a go with, right? Ideas gratefully accepted on this one.

And so the list evolves and I keep myself amused and enthused.

3 comments on “Revisiting the Bucket List

  1. Good for you! I think that having a “work-in-progress” list of possibilities is an excellent idea. It definitely helps to keep life interesting (and fun!)! Naked hugs!

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  2. ethnicolor

    List is great, but reading it I realise I’ve done a few of these – minus the naked bike rides! Must compare notes on sleeper trains… we’ve done a few of these across Europe, but though I *adore* train journeys I couldn’t say these were the best trips I’ve ever done.

    Prague is great, but personally I think I prefer Budapest – again, we must compare notes!

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