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Some voice-based shenanigans

I’m once again sending recordings of my voice out into the internet, thanks to Anchor.

My good friends at Anchor have done it again. The latest version of their excellent podcast-creation app is now available on the iPad, prompting me to start using it again.

I started a travel-focused podcast quite some time ago, but ironically, due to the volume of travel (personal and business) I’ve had so far this year, recording regular episodes has sort of…stopped.

But I recorded some more words this evening, just after I’d stopped working for the day. I’m in Dublin this week and next, which prompted me to think about the impact of business travel on my diet. That is, not good.

That said, I’m typing this post while staring at the freshly poured pint of Guinness sitting on my hotel bar table. As soon as I’m done, I’ll take a mouthful, enjoying the taste that only Guinness in Dublin can have, and patiently await the arrival of a burger.

So, yeah.

Anyway, my tendency to overeat aside, MacPsych on the Move is back. Have a listen, if you have literally nothing else to listen to.

2 comments on “Some voice-based shenanigans

  1. do you have an morse code compositions for my students learning CW. they like the catchie tunes to makelearning more fun


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