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The afterglow

An afternoon in the summer London sun is second to none. Especially when spent with friends and good food.

After a rocky start yesterday morning, the weather took a turn for the better and London was eventually bathed in sunshine and high temperatures. And I made sure I took advantage!

We started with a lovely brunch with a couple of friends at 28 West in Canary Wharf. Despite not being a millennial, I was still permitted to order the smashed avocado and poached eggs, which went very well with the glass of prosecco.

The terrace out in front of 28 West is one of the best places to enjoy good weather in our neighbourhood and the service is second to none. So glasses never went dry and we never had to look around for someone to take an order for another round.

Obviously, I had to fill the guys in on my adventures the previous afternoon at the World Naked Bike Ride, and while discussing it, another friend (not present) messaged me to say he’d found a photo of me during the race online! After a heart-stopping moment, I checked it out and realised there was nothing to worry about. Nothing too ‘scandalous’! And then I started to wonder how long he’d spent online trying to find photos of me…

In sharing my tales from the previous day, I realised just how much I’d enjoyed it, but also just how much I’d like to do it again somewhere different. I’ll need to check out the agenda for 2019 when it’s set and get myself over to Barcelona for a sunnier and much warmer WNBR.

I also realised how little people were bothered that it had taken place – no shock, disapproval or anything similar. Just good natured laughs about the images it conjured, questions about saddle comfort and the logistics of the race, and some thumbs up for me actually taking part this time. Alas, no volunteers to accompany me on any future ride.

After a few hours there, it was time to move to our garden. Luckily, this is literally a five minute walk. A little longer this time, due to the detour to our apartment to pick up some towels and some cold drinks.


And then another few hours of lying around in the sun (sunscreen was applied, don’t worry), chatting and just enjoying the heat. It felt like we were on holiday.

We eventually came back upstairs when some clouds started to gather and I went for a very enjoyable post-sun nap. It always makes me sleepy (the beers helped) and after an hour, my batteries were fully recharged.

But all I did was shuffle over to my favourite chair and sit back to enjoy the sun come through our windows. Not quite sunbathing, but definitely enjoying its heat and the way it lit up the apartment. I love how the evening sun comes into our apartment, much of it reflected off the massive windows in the apartment block across the street. All in all, it was a very mellow way to end the afternoon.



As I’ve said before, I’m a complete sun-worshipper, so I’m taking advantage of this good weather before it disappears. Come Thursday evening, we’re off to Sitges for a long weekend, to celebrate Pride. The forecast looks good, so I predict plenty of time lying in the sun during the day, while partying at night.

Rinse and repeat.

4 comments on “The afterglow

  1. Sunshine is the beeeeesssst (^_^)

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  2. Enjoy life! I’m happy that you’re recharged and that you are now a proud member of the WNBR crew! Naked hugs!

    Liked by 2 people

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