Tales from the office

I left home quite early this morning and postponed my usual walk, taking the DLR instead so I could get into to office as quickly as possible. Workload precluded a slow amble by the Thames this morning, I’m afraid…

I’ve never been in this building so early in the morning, but at 7:30am, there were a few people about. The guy who runs our little coffee shop was busy setting up this cafe and laying out the various cakes and pastries that I spend too much time looking at. We exchanged our usual mistrustful looks (I think he’s furious at me for buying coffees from Starbucks; he probably thinks I hate his coffee. I do) and I wandered down the corridor to my office.

Which was, of course, empty and silent. Nobody had decided to sneak in overnight and do all my work for me. Again.

After I’d make my first coffee and sat at my desk, there was an almighty crash from the office next door. Like a big computer falling over. It felt extra loud due to how still and silent the rest of the floor was.

I quickly stood, intending to dash next door and see if anyone was hurt. I quickly realised that I don’t know anyone who works in the offices either side of mine, and while wondering how I’d introduce myself, there was another smash, quickly followed by screaming obscenities.

“You stupid, stupid bastards!”

I stopped in my tracks. And had a good listen. Obviously.

The guy in the next office seemed to be alone and was busy smashing a keyboard or an entire laptop on the floor.

“You bastards! You absolute fuckers!”

The smashing and roaring continued for a few more minutes. I also listened for a few more minutes, glad that I wasn’t on an early morning coaching call or with a client at the time.

Less than thirty minutes later, one of his colleagues turned up (they have to walk past my door to get to theirs) and I heard their greetings while the door was open:

Newly-arrived colleague: “Morning. How’s it going?”

Insanely angry smashing-man: “Great thanks. Glad it’s Friday, eh?”

Excuse me but what?!

What followed was a few minutes of calm banalities and it was like the smashing and screaming had never happened. I’m tempted to turn up super early next week to see if it’s a regular occurrence or if it was just a particularly bad morning for the poor guy.

Anyway, it put my day in stark contrast. Insane workload aside, nothing bad happened that required me to destroy office equipment or scream at the top of my voice. And now it’s heading for six o’clock on a Friday evening.

So I’m off home.

5 comments on “Tales from the office

  1. I hope whatever the issue was resolves itself over the weekend. I’d hate to think what your neighbors mood is like on a MONDAY morning! 🙂 Naked hugs!

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  2. Yikes! This sounds like it could be a pitch for Channel 4 comedy. Something like the IT Crowd.

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