Too much good TV?

I’ve been a very bad boy. Well, if my TV viewing habits are anything to go by.

I’m so behind in terms of all the shows I enjoy watching. While that in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I could probably do with less screen time full stop, it leaves me with the worry that I’ll have crucial elements spoilt for me online.

In no particular order, I’m waaaay behind on:

  • Westworld
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Arrow
  • Gotham
  • The Crown
  • Stranger Things
  • Sense 8

The list goes on. It means I’ve been more active and spending more time away from the TV, which is great. But also might point to my ever-decreasing attention span! I’d much rather dip into a book on my Kindle than settle in for several episodes of a tv show.

If I had to put some kind of prioritisation around my viewing, Westworld would be at the top. Especially as I watch it with @TheFrankFlyer and we’re already two episodes behind. Someone’s going to spoil it for my any minute. I just know it.

After that, it would be the Handmaid’s Tale. I mean, I haven’t even finished season one and the second season is already out. It’s one of my favourite ever books, but it’s another one I’d like to watch with @TheFrankFlyer.

I made some progress on the Gotham front last week, watching a few episodes while doing some ironing. It seems to be a great way to keep productive while enjoying a bit of mindless, bubblegum entertainment. And I don’t really mind ironing, actually.

And don’t walk to me about Nordic Noir! I have a vague recollection that there’s another season (the final one?) of The Bridge available on the BBC. It’s supposed to be entertainment, so I can’t let it bother me.

Maybe I’ll start watching Netflix on the cross-trainer again.

Or maybe I’ll declare Netflix bankruptcy!

3 comments on “Too much good TV?

  1. Good luck and enjoy! I’ve almost completely given up to watching television. Naked hugs!

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  2. ethnicolor

    The chef watched an enjoyed ‘The Crown’, and I’ve *heard* of the first and the last on your list. But I haven’t seen any of them at all, and I just wonder how the heck do people have the *time* to watch TV?! I watched 4 episodes of AbFab in the last 2 days, they were basically the first “TV” shows I watched in 2018, and I’m *so* behind in some essays I’ve got to write for a training course. My sister works an average 80 hour week, yet also manages to keep up with dozens and dozens of series on Netflix. I have to ask; how do you have the *time* to watch all this stuff?! I think there must be a secret time-travel / time-dliation device out there that we’re not being told about 😛

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    • I’m not sure if you sound more disgusted or impressed!! 😜 I either watch a Netflix show while on a flight (and there are many of those) on my iPad, while int he gym using my phone, or with Frank late at night if it’s something we’re both keen on. I definitely watch more TV in the winter, due to the weather and dark evenings. I watch very little broadcast TV and usually only on catch up services when I do.

      I was really writing about the plethora of great options that arrived this year and last. I was too busy doing other nice things to keep up with them all, and it’s only now that I feel there’s an insurmountable backlog. But a backlog of great stuff. Given the many flights I’m taking this summer, I’m sure I’ll catch up in no time!


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