Nervous knee concerns…

The return of my old knee injury? I'll do anything to avoid more surgery...

I went out for a very enjoyable 13km run yesterday morning. It was perfect – warm and sunny, but not too hot. I made sure I headed out and early as I could, to avoid the hottest part of the day.

I got just what I wanted from the run: time to think and listen to podcasts, a feeling that I was pushing myself and was able to increase my distance.

Later that afternoon, I watched various runners struggle past, safe from my vantage point of an outdoor terrace, sipping a nice cold beer.


But I digress.

Even though the run itself was great, I was left will a little ‘niggle’ in my right knee. Not quite pain, but something wasn’t right. I walked a lot more on it as the day went on and it didn’t get any worse.

However… I woke up this morning with an incredibly stiff and painful knee. The stiffness eased up after a bit of walking around while getting ready, so I thought it was okay to do my usual walk to work.


6km later and I was limping. Not good. Not good at all. I popped out to Pret a while ago, to grab some lunch. Despite this morning’s lovely start to the day, I found myself caught in torrential rain, thunder and lightning, so I ended up running down the street.

And there it was: the exact same pain that preceded my knee surgery a few years ago.

It quite literally took my breath away and I almost fell over in the street. I staggered into a kind of fast walk and then a limp until I got to Pret. The return journey was slow, painful and very, very wet.

I’m going to remain calm and not jump to any conclusions. I may well have overdone it yesterday, as 13km is the longest I’ve run for a few weeks. And I did kind of hammer it home for the last couple of kilometres. No more running for the remainder of this week. And I’ll only walk to the office on Thursday (working from home tomorrow, recording podcasts) if I’m feeling a lot better.

Honestly, I’ll rest my knee until the end of time if it means I can avoid dragging myself to the doctor and the inevitable referral to a surgeon.

Anything to avoid more knee surgery.

5 comments on “Nervous knee concerns…

  1. I hope it isn’t anything serious. Please keep us updated. Naked hugs!


  2. Oh gosh, that sounds worrying. Fingers crossed for you!


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