New iMac goodness

When I moved into my new office last June, I treated myself to a new iMac. Working long hours off a 12-inch MacBook wasn’t going to be good for me!

However, with an eye on budget, I scrimped and went for the base level model. And it wasn’t long before I felt it. A lot. The incredibly slow hard drive meant start up and multi-tasking was like walking through honey. Compared to my home office iMac, anyway.

I regularly had to limit the number of apps I had open, something that was never a consideration on my much older, but formerly top of the line iMac at home.

After some good news on the commercial front, and quite a bit of thought, I went and upgraded to a much nicer model and I can only say: wow! The difference a bigger screen, faster processor and solid state drive make to my life – it’s really incalculable.

And my office neighbours are much less likely to hear profanities drift through the wall when I can’t get Powerpoint to cooperate or manage to copy across large files for the podcast.

It’s all about tools for the job, really. Right?

5 comments on “New iMac goodness

  1. Indeed! Right tools for the job 🙂 At least that’s what I tell myself when I eat cookies at work instead of fruit 😛

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  2. I miss being about to update what to me was infrequently! Luckily, my 2012 top of the line MBP retina 15′ has also held its own

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    • My MacBook is three and a half years old and I have no intention of replacing it. It flies along – literally the best laptop I’ve ever owned. Super light, responsive and does everything I need it to. And when you carry your office on your back like I do, weight and speed are key. But mostly weight!


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