A restorative walk in the sun

My old ‘friend’ insomnia returned with a bang last night. As a result, I got about four hours of sleep – which is approximately 50% of what I need to function.

So I wasn’t at my best when my alarm vibrated on my wrist. I was still convinced it was 3am – the last time I looked at my watch – rather than my usual 6am waking time.

Not good.

After a particularly difficult and fumbling shave and shower, I managed to get dressed and head out for my walk to the office. Well, what a difference that made. One hour later, having walked in glorious sunshine and under London’s best blue skies, I feel a lot better. I’m definitely not at 100% capacity, but I do feel my batteries have been helpfully recharged.

I’ll leave any pondering on why my insomnia has chosen now to return for another time. I’ll just emphasise that I’m glad it’s May and I can take an hour out of my morning to feel the sun on my face and look into clear blue skies. All that was missing was the feel of sand beneath my feet!

To that end, I’m really looking forward to Thursday, when I fly to Barcelona for work. I’m treating myself to staying a little longer than strictly necessary and will be able to enjoy some Spanish Sunday on Saturday before coming home Sunday morning.

While Barcelona has so much to offer to the visitor, I’m just going for the sunshine. As much of it as I can take!

Until then, my mission is to return to a normal sleep routine and clear my work task-list before leaving for Spain later this week.

  1. I certainly understand your craving for sunshine. We both seem to be solar powered! 😛



    1. Definitely! I’m going to soak up as much as I can in anticipation of another long, dark winter 😉

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  2. Ditto here! Three overcast days are all I can handle myself. Sometimes walking before bedtime works well for me. Naked hugs!

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