It’s Eurovision time!

I’ve been a very bad Eurovision fan…

Firstly, I completely missed the first semi-final on Tuesday night, as I had to attend a business event up in Edinburgh. A few sneaky glances at my Twitter feed showed me what I was missing. Some real FOMO there.

I caught up by watching the second semi-final on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, there were a few surprises (Russia failing to qualify, The Netherlands actually getting through?!) but mostly it was what I was hoping for.

Tonight, we have some friends coming over to watch the final with us, and I know it will descend into the usual madness:

  • An attempt at a drinking game, where everyone forgets the rules three songs in
  • Having to explain the Eurovision rules and the jokes to at least two or three people
  • Having to explain how Israel and Australia are even part of the contest
  • Attempting (and failing) to not take the voting too seriously
  • Attempting (and failing) to not scream at the TV screen when Ireland fail to win
  • Conducting a drunken post mortem where we all promise to attend next year
  • And so on…

Our attendee line up this evening will be truly international: Irish, Dutch, Italian, French, British, American, which is always nice.

In terms of predictions, I’m notoriously terrible at this. But if you were holding a large plastic Eurovision gun to my head, I’d suggest the following will do well:

  • Israel (mad chicken dance)
  • Cyprus (copious legs and cleavage)
  • France (heart-strings pulled)
  • Spain (cuteness overload)
  • Norway (smiling violin smarm)
  • Moldova (off key sensory overload)
  • Ireland (cute gays and lampost)

So let’s see how it pans out, how Lisbon does at hosting and how absolutely random the votes turn out. I’ll be pleased with a Spanish, French or Irish win. Nice songs, all.

Next year in Chisinau?

4 comments on “It’s Eurovision time!

  1. Ah thank you! I totally forgot about this 🙂 Will be fun to watch with dinner.

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  2. ethnicolor

    We had a house-guest, but as we’ve no TV we were hardly going to huddle around an iPad! I think I would have pretty miffed at the result anyway.


    • A shocking result for Ireland – I think he (and his performance) deserved to do a lot better. But he can walk away from it with his head held high. And it looked like he was having a great time, anyway!

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