The tyranny of shoes

I’m sitting in Palma de Mallorca airport, about to board my flight back to London, and silently cursing my shoes.

I’ve just spent a long weekend here and managed to avoid wearing shoes at any point during the visit. It was flip-flops all the way. Or barefoot by the pool. And as ever, it was glorious.

So putting on some shoes and socks this morning, while packing bags and checking for forgotten items in the hotel room, felt quite restrictive. Flip-flops (weather permitting, obviously) are by far my favourite footwear. Mostly because I associate them with being on a beach or, at least, being somewhere nice and warm.

Honestly, if you get the right pair of flip-flops, they are like a dream. Your feet can feel the breeze in the air, you can get them tanned and it doesn’t matter if you get splashed by the sea. They’re virtually indestructible.

Can you sense my flip-flop fanaticism?

I’ve also worn shorts for the past four days – whether or not the weather supported it – simply because I was on holidays. A couple of pairs of super-comfortable tailored cotton shorts from ASOS. They are an incredibly fit – they somehow manage to make my squat little frame look taller – and I wish I could wear them all the time. So slipping into my jeans this morning was similarly uncomfortable.

I’m sitting in the airline lounge, jealously watching guys who are still in shorts and flip-flops, as they effortlessly glide around the room.

But needs must. I have to get off my flight in London and get straight onto a flight to Edinburgh to speak at a conference. And it’s definitely not shorts and flip-flops weather there. But I still know that the first thing I’ll do when I get to my hotel room this evening is take off my shoes and socks.

Accentuating the positive: despite the terrible weather for the first couple of days, I managed to get several hours by the hotel’s rooftop pool yesterday and I’m now turning a lovely shade of brown. Sadly, the hotel requires people to wear more than sun-cream, so I’ve also developed a quite annoying set of tan lines where my speedos were.

Not my preferred look.

4 comments on “The tyranny of shoes

  1. I finally understand what it’s like to have tan lines 🙂 I got some on Sunday. Looked so weird! I’ve managed to even it out a bit now, but I understand your frustration 🙂


    • I’ve an almost permanent one due to my Apple Watch. It’s so severe, I think I’ll take it to my grave. Also one where my wedding ring is. And the remainder are the shape of my speedos – and not even at that! Looks like one side is higher than the other on my hips 🙄 Still, as long as that’s all I have to complain about, things can’t be too bad, right? 😜

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