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Rain, rain go away…

After what turned out to be a very pleasant day yesterday, we’re back to freezing cold rain here in London today.

And I’m not amused.

I walked into the office, quickly realising an umbrella would be useless in the face of the winds screaming towards me down the Thames path. Apparently, I wasn’t alone – I was impressed at the number of walking commuters who simply wore a hat, or just a grimace, rather than flailing around an overly large golf umbrella.

I almost lost an eye to one of the latter on Fenchurch Street this morning. The pavement is narrow enough – why did people think it was the perfect place to use massive golf umbrellas? And in this wind? Luckily, my reflexes (thanks, caffeine) saved the day and the pointy end (technical term) of the umbrella just caught my ear.


You know, it’s not the rain, wind or cold I dislike so much as the fact that we don’t have seasons here. Not really. Not in a predictable way. It makes planning nigh on impossible. And when good weather does arrive, the people of London lose their mind as a result. If we had a consistently nice 12 weeks of summer every year, we’d get used to the sunshine and warmth after a few days and life would continue as normal.

But we’re all so sun-starved and freezing, any hint of sunshine leads to sudden unplanned barbecues, lots of outdoor drinking and people wearing inadvisably light clothing.

Tomorrow afternoon, I fly to Mallorca for a long weekend of sunshine and visiting the in-laws. I really, really miss the sun. And while the forecast isn’t stellar, it’s better than London’s predicted weekend weather. Plus, I’ll have a rooftop pool to lounge by and a nice beach to walk along. If I can drag myself away from the pool.

I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin again. Our mini heat-wave a couple of weeks ago was tantalisingly like summer. It reached 28C and I was in shorts – I had flashbacks to last summer in Sitges, sipping beers on the beach. The summer, and my time on the beach in Sitges, cannot come soon enough.

That, or I emigrate to somewhere sunnier and warmer.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to avoid the inevitable London Spring showers and make the best of whatever sunshine we do get.

While dodging puddles and golf umbrellas.

1 comment on “Rain, rain go away…

  1. Hahaha this is so true!! I feel like parks and beer gardens would be far less manic on hot days if people we weren’t all afraid that it’s all we’re going to get. A consistent stream of sunshine would do wonders for the soul of the nation 🙂 I’m actually suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Blah! XD

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