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Brewdog is coming!

I’ve been as excited as a child on Christmas Eve knowing that Brewdog’s biggest ever pub is opening about 5mins walk from my office.

I’m a big fan of their beers – a conversion to which has left me leering at standard lagers. Yes, I’ve morphed into a craft beer snob. Recent tours and visits to micro-breweries in London have shown me the light.

People: there is a better way.

Anyway, my daily commute takes me right past the new Brewdog pub, so I’ve watched – somewhat impatiently – as it’s taken form. Recently, all the external hoardings were taken down and I was able to see a little more. They’ve now announced a ‘soft launch’ – restricted hours, no food – until their formal launch on May 11th.

It’s hard to describe just how big this new pub is. It’s basically the ground floor of an entire block in the City. Plus it has generous outdoor seating. And it’s going to open for breakfasts!

I’ll be there. May 11th. If even for a quick pint on my way home. Maybe two. And then there’s a pizza. And probably a new beer that need’s tasting.

Taxi for one!

Oh wait. No. I’ll be walking home. All those beer calories need to be burned off somehow.

2 comments on “Brewdog is coming!

  1. Would it be terrible of me to admit that I don’t like craft beer or ales? Just regular beer for me. I’m so uncultured 😛


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