Eurovision 2018: My favourite

It’s that time of year again. On May 12th, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final will take place in Lisbon.

It’s also time for me to make a prediction. Seems like only yesterday that Portugal won for the very first time – with an excellent song. One that remains a firm favourite even now. And I’m hoping for a repeat success. Not for Portugal, but for a well-written, nicely performed song.

This year’s favourite, as far as I’m concerned, is Spain’s entry – the very lovely ‘Tu Cancion’, beautifully performed by Amaia and Alfred. It’s a song that’ll stick with you, in a pleasant way, and one you stand a chance of actually whistling long after you’ve heard it.

I’ve listened to all this year’s entry several times now, courtesy of a Spotify playlist. There are some highlights: Portugal, Israel, Ireland and France. But many of the rest are extremely derivative or just plain awful.

I know I’m now in the minority of fans who care more about the song than the performer or the stage show. But still – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Spain the night of the final. And they’ll get my vote for sure.

Buena suerte, Espana!

3 comments on “Eurovision 2018: My favourite

  1. ethnicolor

    OMG – I cannot believe we’re here again, and I was so keen on following it this year too. I’ve bearely even been conscious it was going on. The gay gestapo are going to take my rainbow card away from me. I saw the Irish song’s video (quite liked it) but have yet to see any of the others. I better watch a few vids!

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    • ethnicolor

      So many typos; #mortified. Anyway, I hopped on to YouTube and caught the last part of the semi-final, from Switzerland onwards, and liked what I saw. Having looked at some of the entries already through, there’s definitely some good ones in there; Spain’s my favourite so far.

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      • Would you believe I missed it?! Had to attend a work related event in Edinburgh. Glad Ireland got through. Will try to catch up before the final on Saturday.

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