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This is why I love living by the Thames

With views like this from just outside the front door of my building, I’m regularly reminded that it’s worth all the noise and hassle of living on the Thames Path.

The views are spectacular and the sunsets just amazing.

Plus, the Thames has always something interesting to watch; whether it’s visiting naval vessels, yachts, row boats or the Metropolitan Police river unit screaming along at high speed, it’s never dull.

And with iPhone in hand, I’m often tempted to take a few snaps as I walk along the path. It’s one of the few places in London where I can get that ‘big sky’ feeling I remember from growing up by the sea in Dublin.

Though on days like today, the riverside walk isn’t all that attractive…Still I know it’ll be a delight again, just as soon as the weather picks up. My very favourite place to run and cycle in London.

2 comments on “This is why I love living by the Thames

  1. Glorious photos! 🙂

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