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Healthy? Or just plain stubborn.

Like the rest of London – and most of the South East of the UK – I woke up this morning to face some pretty unseasonal weather. Lashing rain, howling wind and temperatures that raised even my jaded eyebrows.

As I wrote last time, I’ve been trying to keep up a habit of walking to and from work. It’s only 6km each way and is a very scenic route. And I’ve been really enjoying it. As has my waistline.

But in this weather? With this rain? In these shoes?

I had a think in the shower and, through the steam, I had a moment of clarity. The benefits of walking to work definitely seemed to outweigh the downside of getting a little wet and a little cold. I began to think about how proud I’d feel once I reached the office. A little bit of rain wouldn’t prevent me from keeping to my new habit.

So I changed what I was planning to wear, adding a layer of wool in the form of a nice new sweater, topping it all off with a waterproof jacket I thought I’d be packing away for the summer any day now.

Yes, even after 18 years of this incredible London weather, hope springs eternal…

The walk was, to put it mildly, unpleasant. The wind howled so much, I could barely hear the podcasts playing through my AirPods. The rain was so heavy, it turned most of the walk into a kind of adult hopscotch, avoiding deep puddles and unstable paving stones. I ended up taking a slight shortcut, shaving about half a kilometre off my route.

Anything to get in out of the rain.

I’m now wondering if I’ll walk home in it. I mean, my trousers – or to be more accurate, the front of my trousers – are still damp. And my feet are still cold. Despite putting the heating on in my office. But getting those steps in and burning those calories, plus the valuable thinking time, has got to be better than a hot, damp DLR carriage at 6pm right?

I’m going to make a decision later this afternoon. It’ll all depend on the rain (it’s still raining, hours later) and just how windy it is. I’m not made of sugar, but I’m not stupid either.

With Mallorca just days away, the last thing I need is a head cold.

4 comments on “Healthy? Or just plain stubborn.

  1. Your dedication to your new routine is admirable. But with severe inclement weather, an adjustment is understandable. Naked hugs!


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  3. I admire your dedication. I deliberately went once running during Storm Doris just as a big “F you” to the weather that had been keeping me indoors for so long. It gave me a sense of gleeful defiance. With that being said, don’t risk getting sick for your holiday! You can always walk tomorrow if not today, but you can’t just take another holiday next month if this one gets ruined. High fives to you either way, sir! 🙂


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