Why are (some) people so flakey?

I’m noticing a trend in my life and I don’t like it: being let down by other people.

I don’t mean end-of-the-world, life-changing stuff. I mean the day-to-day commitments we make to each other, just to keep things ticking over. Turning up on time, doing what we say we’ll do, fulfilling services offered…that kind of thing.

I’ll freely admit admit that I’m noticing a tendency towards Victor Meldrew-type general anger at the public as I age, but I’m not there yet. Not completely, anyway. That said, this morning I was almost hit (maybe two inches to spare) by a speeding Uber Eat cyclist, while on the pavement. No apology after he skidded to a halt at my feet – he just sped off.

I then made my way into the office for a meeting, where the only other person attending didn’t bother to turn up. Oh she called, but 25 minutes after we were due to start speaking. And only then to say “I’m running late, so maybe we can reschedule?”. Feeble.

And I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve almost been killed by speeding cars flying through pedestrian crossings against the lights. In Canary Wharf, it seems to be some kind of sport.

I’m not going to harp on about millennials, because that type of generational segmentation is bullshit outside of marketing agencies. Seriously. Stop it. There are no age profile differences going on here. But in the last couple of years, I’ve become increasingly aware that some people just give zero fucks about letting other people down. None. Not a one.

I’m also not going to contribute to my own early death by stressing about this. I’m not going to explode like Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’. But I’m also not going to just suck it up and get on with life.

I’ve started to give some feedback. You can bet that cyclist got some feedback. So did the person (I’m the client!) who didn’t turn up for the meeting this afternoon. And so I’m going to continue to provide this feedback, in the vague hope that the flakey masses somehow become a little less flakey and we all start turning up on time, prepared and happy to help out.

This otherwise dismal day was rescued by the free coffee I received at Pret this lunchtime. And the smile that accompanied it. See? Not everyone is an arse…

9 comments on “Why are (some) people so flakey?

  1. The world is full of douchebagery 😦 I also find myself thinking about Falling Down sometimes 😛 You sound like you handle this stuff better than I do!

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  2. There is a great disparity in the diversity of stupidity among humans. All of us are stupid, some more so than others. It helps keep life interesting. Naked hugs!

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  3. ethnicolor

    I also wonder sometimes if it’s an age thing; you see I think that might be part of it. That said, *civility* compared to 70 years ago is effectively gone. All one can do is act as we see fit and respectful. If your cyclist and your non-attending attendee thing that the way they treated you is acceptable (or fair) then we’re in for a rough future, because that level of ignorance will become the new standard. Didn’t mean that to be as gloomy as it ended up!

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    • Also…I was having a particularly bad day and you tend to see the bad in things when that happens. To bar fair. I can think of just as many examples of older people being flakey, rude and just not caring. I think we’re turning into quite an abrasive and uncaring society 😦


  4. Where do you want me to start?
    People who walk at 30 miles an hour down the pavement but walk into you and don’t apologise, people who say “I’ve spoken to my supervisor and there is nothing we can do to help”, old pound coins in my change, women (and I am not being sexist) who shout at me from a speeding 4×4 because they are late on the school run and I have the ordacity to use a pelican crossing, my dentist who only ever has appointments at 8.30 am. Get the picture?

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  5. Free coffee is pretty mood-changing!

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