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Hitting the hotel gym

A short update from the front lines of the battle against my belly bulge…

Amazing myself (really!), I visited my hotel gym here in Edinburgh both last night and this morning! The gym itself is very new and clean – and above all, pretty deserted. Just how I like it. I can’t bear a busy gym as I like my personal space and don’t like being watched while I fumble among the various machines.

(Incidentally, if you’re a gym regular who is spending January moaning about ‘newbies’ coming to your gym, wind it in. You were a newbie once and maybe you could help out the new arrivals, instead of sneering at them on social media?)

Both last night and this morning, I spilt my time between the cross trainer and the treadmill and actually enjoy a miniature ‘runner’s high’ after finishing. Go me!

But last night, I wonder if my exercise was undone by my dinner. I got down to the hotel bar just before they stopped serving food, only to find out all the healthy options were gone. Seriously. Allegedly, they didn’t have the ingredients to make the Caesar salad on the menu. With the options being duck spring rolls (deep-fried) to a burger, I went for the burger.

And honestly, it was the burger that spurred me on to get out of my comfortable bed this morning and get back to the gym. So it wasn’t all bad, right? And it was a very delicious burger, so at least I enjoyed it.

Enough with the rationalisation.

I also used my exercise time to watch a couple of episodes of ‘Black Mirror‘. Apart from enjoying them enormously, I can honestly say both raised my heart rate while exercising – though I noticed I was looking over my shoulder quite a bit. With AirPods in, I couldn’t hear if anyone was coming in the door behind me, and if there’s one thing ‘Black Mirror’ is good for, it’s increasing paranoia.

I also managed to close all three of the Apple Fitness ‘rings’ on my Apple Watch last night and filled two before I’d even left the hotel this morning. Morning exercise, while not my favourite thing in the world, does mean I’m more likely to hit these targets. So it’s time to build it in to my routine – business travel or no business travel.

And I’ll definitely be finding somewhere better to have dinner this evening!

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  1. Enjoy! Naked hugs!

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