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An accountability update

After my last, self-flagellating post, detailing my seasonal gorging, I managed to have quite a few ‘healthy’ days in a row. By which I mean I made it to the gym each day I was working in Dublin – and on the weekend!



I also managed to avoid cake. Except for a single scone in the very beautifully-restored Bewley’s Oriental Cafe in Dublin. It would’ve been rude to visit and not have a single piece of their incredible baked goods.


I also managed not to have any pints. Apart from those I had in Dublin. As with Bewley’s, I’d put it to you that you can’t visit Dublin and not have some Guinness.

Despite this, my weight has shifted downwards slightly, moving from 68.9 kilos to 68.2 kilos. Negligible, but moving in the right direction.

So all in all, my scorecard so far reads as follows:

  • Diet: 3/5 (I had a cake!)
  • Alchohol: 1/5 (let’s not forget the Guinness)
  • Weight loss: 3/5 (moving in the right direction)
  • Exercise: 4/5 (a good effort, considering I was away from home)

This evening, I get on yet another plane and fly to Edinburgh until the end of the week. My hotel choice was based purely on whether there was a gym and I plan to visit each day. I’ll get in there as soon as I arrive this evening and watch some more of The Crown as I sweat.

It definitely takes the boredom out of using a cross-trainer.

8 comments on “An accountability update

  1. Good for you. Like you wrote above: you’re moving in the right direction. Keep up the good work! Naked hugs!

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  2. Hey man that food looks delicious, not eating all of it deserves some props, well done man and keep it up because if you can resist that, you can resist anything

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  3. Way to go 🙂

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  4. ethnicolor

    Well done! You’re doing better than me so far. The chef binge-watched The Crown, loved it, regretted we didn’t watch it together.

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  5. A single scone? What about the cream and jam?
    Edinburgh? We could have passed each other in the street…

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